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So what's a romantic boat trip going to cost you. Well, this obviously will depend on the boat you choose. As mentioned above, you can find a boat for as little as $ or you could spend more than $10k on large motorboats. But typically, the average cost is $1k per day. If you book a boat for a few hours rather than an entire day, you'll most likely find something more myboat331 boatplansg: agenda. 24 reviews of Gondola Amore "Romantic harbor cruises. You will do a double take at the sight of this little red & black gondola, adorned with flowers, sitting there amongst all the larger boats in the harbor. It is an authentic Venetian gondola, available for charter. Included in each cruise is a basket of fresh fruit, bread, cheese and wine glasses..$75 for two people/5(24). Set sail on your destination's top-rated boat tours and cruises. Whether it's an entertaining and informative boat tour or a relaxing sunset dinner cruise, these are the best Maryland cruises around. Looking for something more adventurous? Check out our list of must-do water activities in Maryland. See reviews and photos of boat tours & water sports in Maryland on Tripadvisor.

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