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However, it is because the aluminum boat is lighter. Which means you get better gas mileage when towing it and better gas mileage when running it. Plus, the added benefit of durability. Its a trade off for sure. I run aluminum because of the durability. I hunt and fish outa my myboat213 boatplansg: xpress antibody. As far as aluminum bass boats go, Xpress is a great brand. We had a ft boat with a Optimax that was a beast. Even took it in saltwater a few times with no problems. Xpress bay boats, on the other hand, are pieces of myboat213 boatplansg: xpress antibody. re: Xpress/Ranger aluminum bay boats Posted by FelicianaTigerfan on 3/27/16 at pm to pdubya76 My dad Rc Model Pilot Boats Group has the 20' Xpress with a 2 stroke. I had the 4 stroke Yamaha on a Xpress 17' bass myboat213 boatplansg: xpress antibody.

Visit Document. In the center of the two console seats is another hatch that opens to reveal the two hoats batteries. I eventually purchased my Xpress H51 equipped with a 90 horse Yamaha. Open filtering tools. The salesman was great to work with and made the whole process quick and easy.


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