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Mathematics Journal Impact Factors | Springer Apr 08, �� If you know a good website where impact factors of math journals are listed, please let me know. Answer Save. 1 Answer. Relevance. Anonymous. 1 decade ago. Favorite Answer. Answer Questions. Answer Questions. Let g be the vector-valued function defined by g(t)= 2cost,4sint. Which of the following is g?(?3)? Question: Find The Impact Factor Assuming Static Deflection Is Mm And H = 6 Cm. A) B) C) D) M Kg L Cm H Cm B Cm D Cm Co � A) B) C) D) M Kg L Cm H Cm B Cm D Cm Co �. Mar 24, �� However, we could not answer the following two important questions in this context. 1. Is every maximal subring of C(X) unit-free (i.e., whenever R is a maximal subring of C(X) and.

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What is considered a good impact factor? Want to see the step-by-step answer? Want to see this answer and more? Median response time is 34 minutes and may be longer for new subjects. Tagged in. Math Statistics Other. A: Click to see the answer. Terms of Service. See how we share a whole range of information to help the research community decide which journal is the best home for their research as well as what the metrics can tell you about the performance of a journal and its articles. We invite you to explore our latest journal metrics , including the newly released impact factors, and to read some of the most influential articles in your field.

Click on your journal of choice for journal metrics and more details, including how to submit, our services to authors, and don't forget to sign up for new issue alerts. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser.

Journals by subject Mathematics. Sign up for new issue alerts Never miss an issue! Journal Metrics Reports Announcement of the latest impact factors from the Journal Citation Reports Researchers consider a number of factors in deciding where to publish their research, such as journal reputation, readership and community, speed of publication, and citations.

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