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Log in or Sign up. You need to be registered and signed in to view this content. YachtForumsNov 29, Aluminum Old yachts for sale cheap quiz Issues Thread Got Tin? Yup, itz one of the best materials to make a boat hull out of. But Roamer boat owners already know. Last edited: Dec 30, YachtForumsJan 30, There was a thread several months ago on the issue of "aluminum hull blisters".

It was popular topic with a few revelations. Thought you might find it problems with aluminum hull boats jacket interesting read.

Here's the link Joined: Mar 16, Messages: 1 Location: bodrum-turkey. Cliff SchultzApr 20, Advice o n Aluminum Hull Issue. I am considering buying a 37' Alum Express. I have a galvanized steel dock in a fresh water lake Lake of the Ozarks, MO.

My concern is a galvanic response with the boat hull being the problems with aluminum hull boats jacket of the two and ending up with a major problem. I have been a boat owner for 40 years, last boat was a 40' Pacemaker SF and always admired the Romers when living on inland waterways but do not want to damage a boat out of lack of knowledge about this issue. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. I have read some of the comments on the various threads but remain confused and concerned.

Ken BracewellApr 20, Galvanic Isolation A good place to start would be to be certain that you have galvanic isolators on your shore power lines. Another good tool is something called a Capac monitor. It is a simple meter which takes a reading through a silver-silver-chloride sensor which is mounted on the hull. With it you are able to look at any galvanic activity at the push of a button. I don't have a current price, but remember them as being very affordable.

If there is still a problem with the installation of these problems with aluminum hull boats jacket items, you would next look into a problem with stray current on your dock. Enjoy your new boat! JimBauerApr 21, Galvanic Corrosion Cliff, I think this is going to be an answer that should start some discussion.

I don't think it's going to matter if you use fenders and lines and don't bond your boat to the dock. If you are in FRESH water, there is very little conductivity in the water, it makes a very good insulator. Use the two leads from your ohm meter and check the resistance between your boat and the dock, probably a couple of megs If you don't have an isolation transformer, make sure you use a good galvanic isolater on your shorepower and make sure that it is UL approved. Mercury Old yachts for sale cheap quiz makes one of the best under their Quicksilver label.

Technical Forum Roamer46inFlMay 22, He also applied the bottom paint layers incorrectly. Upon having the problems with aluminum hull boats jacket soda blasted, we discovered a small hole in the hull near the connection for the capac monitor. We are in SW Florida. Is there anyone near here who can check the capac unit to see if it is operational and to instruct us on its proper use. Also, we would like to have the entire boat painted. We are wondering if anyone has any recommendations on where to have this.

We have to move the boat out of Florida by July so we would consider locations up the east coast or across the gulf. Thanks for any input. To Capac or not to capac. Short answer - shut her down, and spend the dough on defensive measures. Cold tar is also a good "protectant". Mind you, aluminum does just fine by itself in salt water - itz just all the stray galvanic currents properly wired onboard?

Problems with aluminum hull boats jacket on the Technical FOrum for more detailed info - and good luck! JimBauerMay 31, As always, I'm a little slow on answers on this forum, but I have to disagree with Eric on this one. First question: are you in salt or fresh, if fresh take Eric's advice as your Capac system isn't going to work properly.

If salt, first check that your Capac meter is working properly, is it reading in the protection zone for aluminum. If it isn't reading at all, take a sensitive multimeter and read directly off of the hull and the old yachts for sale cheap quiz. If it's reading note the reading and post it. Next put the fuses back in your unit and wait about 24 hours and recheck the readings, mine sets right. If you've got the schematic afrom the owner's manual you can have it repaired by any good electronics shop or a good amatuer radio ham.

If not contact me via the Yahoo group as I check it more often and I'll be happy to e-mail you a schematic. Jim Bauer. Hopefully the right way, it looks great. Does anyone know if the keel must be free from problems with aluminum hull boats jacket bottom paint, were the plates will be attached for this to work correctly. It's in fresh water. Keel Hauling. Hi, I found an alluminium racing Frers 45 but it is quite old and by the looks of it it has not been maintained very well over the years.

JimBauerOct 5, Inspecting Hulls Timbo, Check for a tank problems with aluminum hull boats jacket company using ultrasound metal thickness gages. You'll need to have a drawing of the hull divided into 1 foot grid squares and also mark the hull off in 1 foot sqares. You'll need to record each reading and hope that each reading is representative of old yachts for sale cheap quiz remaining plate. Been there, done that, and it ain't cheap I'm fully aware of the importance of the plates but I'm not sure wheather the current owner.

I want to buy and refurnish the boat because the hull cut shows that this boat can still race. I just wouldnt like it to brake in two after I hoist the kite in 15kt of wind all the best and thanks for support timbo.

Think I want to compile a short piece on doing that - hep! He was my source for finding new anodes. Is it something that I would be well-advised to install, as a steel roamer in saltwater, or not? You must log in or sign up to reply. Show Ignored Content. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?

Small repairs are easy - Small dents and cracks are easily repaired: they can simply be welded. Is aluminum stronger than fiberglass? Re: Problem with aluminum on boat It looks to me like you need to look into some sort of anode to prevent galvanic corrosion. Many boat owners recommend using products specifically meant for cleaning aluminum. Spray the boat with the power wash sprayer from the bottom to the top. The best material for a boat depends on the water and sailing conditions, but generally aluminum is the ultimate boat building material. Whatever cleaning product you decide to use has instructions listed on the side.


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