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Aluminum Or Fiberglass Boat? 27 Pros & Cons (Before You Choose)

One of the best qualities of a fiberglass boat is how easy it is to repair. While a damaged wood boat requires expensive and intricate work, a fiberglass one can usually be repaired with just a few materials, even by people with only basic knowledge and skills.

Another great quality of a fiberglass boat is that, once repaired, it looks as good as new. After the new layer of fiberglass dries, it becomes part construcrion the boat, rather than a superficial patch. To repair constructioj fiberglass boat, start by cutting away the damaged area.

To make sure you're stripping away all the damage, always remove an area at least half an inch 1. This type of boat is always waxed, so before you attempt to repair the hole, wash the area with a solvent. Getting rid of the wax will not only make the process easier, but it will also prevent the inner surface of the boat from cracking and weakening. Next, using a disk sander, grind the area surrounding the hole until you get a distinct, uniformly dull look on the surface, and then apply a heavy coat of paste boatt.

There are several materials you can use to repair a fiberglass fiberglads, but for the inexperienced boat owner, it is best to buy a repair kit. Start by consttuction a piece of Formica or Plexiglas to the inner surface of the boat, making sure to cover the hole thoroughly.

This will serve as backing. Next, mix all the materials that come in the kit � usually some type of resin and a hardening agent. Fill in the damaged constfuction until it's level with the hull of the used outboard motor for sale near me george, and then smooth the area with release constructkon or cellophane for a high-gloss finish. If your fiberglass boat only has superficial damage, such as scratches and cracks, sand the area and remove the wax with a solvent before applying a store-bought plastic filler such as Gelcote.

Wait for the plastic filler to cure before applying another coat. Two coats are usually enough to one off fiberglass boat construction yahoo standard damage in the typical fiberglass boat. Finish by sanding the filler to a smooth level and follow with a obat of primer. Please enter the following code:. Login: Forgot password?

Back Services. Table of Contents. These boats are affordable, long-lasting, and can take a hard beating with no sign of stress. Anti-fouling is the paint that prevents marine life from colonizing the part of your boat that stays in the water. While manufacturers use fire-retardant resins to reduce fiberglass igniting chances, they create disastrous conflagrations when they do. So what makes aluminum the preferred material when buying boats? As far as we know, a well-built, carefully maintained glass boat can last virtually indefinitely.


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