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You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Thread starter luckyinkentucky Start date Sep 9, Joined Jul 29, Messages A buddy of mine who works at a local body shop brought up an interesting topic tonight that no one knew the answer to. Is it feasible for an every day 'Joe' like you and I to make a mold, spray it with one off fiberglass boat construction company release agent, and mold a fiberglass hull in our own back yard?

I've seen it done on small alcohol powered 'toy' boats, but can it be done with the real deal? Of course I realize there would be a lot of finishing such as sanding and gel coat afterwards, but could it be done? Solittle Fleet Admiral. Joined Apr 28, Messages 7, Build a plug, then a mold and pop um. Well - - there is a tad more to it - - you might do a bit of research on how the manufacturers do it to get an idea on what is involved.

Joined Mar 6, Messages There's big bucks tied up in molds they're expensive to produce and maintain and are meant for mass production. Joined Feb 12, Messages 1, Why one off fiberglass boat construction company you want one off fiberglass boat construction company do this? I'm all for learning, but is that the best approach for your end goal not sure what that is from your post?

One off fiberglass boat construction company are produced for mass production. There is no reason to build a mold. But now I'm wondering what it would cost to build an offshore fisher type for overnight trips up and down the river.

Could one be built for a lot less than, let's say, a Crownline or other mass produced Cabin cruiser? Joined Feb 8, Messages 6, Wouldn't you be better off to start with something like that? Don S Honorary Moderator Emeritus. Joined Aug 31, Messages 62, Joined Mar 26, Messages 4, I don't have the site available, but if you google Bruce Roberts i'm sure it will turn up.

He is a world renowned designer of larger yachts, I think the smallest thing he has is about 28 feet one off fiberglass boat construction company they go up to well over feet. As for the feasability of developing a mold It is a very very expensive process and unless you intend to use it to build one off fiberglass boat construction company many boats it is a waste.

It just takes alot more man hours to complete. My wife and I are tossing around several plans from different designers right. We one off fiberglass boat construction company we want something classic, it must have a cabin, it must be trailerable.

We still have many other decisions to make - cuddy, enclosed salon, single helm, flying bridge, displacement or planing hull, the list goes on If you are serious about this, get a plan set for something small like a canoe or kayak and see of you have the patience or even the desire to build a larger craft.

It really all depends on materials and finish. However, the final value would suffer greatly to the point that it would probably be worth little more than the material cost. Get clickin' and start dreamin'. Mark42 Fleet Admiral. Joined Oct 8, Messages 9, The guy said he's had it stored in his barn for 5 years, and it has been stripped,but the hull is sound.

He wants me to 'make him an offer', but did say he got it for free. The only thing is finding something to tow a 33' boat. Guess I'd figure that into the cost of the package. Although, I could just have someone tow it to the lake for me and wet slip it for the summer. Especially if it has a working trailer for a 33'boat.

BTW, to repower a 33' boat, you are talking some serious horsepower. Or if its setup for outboards, it will need two or better outboards. Just be aware it will cost a lot more to power that boat than you will spend on a rebuild. On top of the K it will cost in power, figure burning about 20 to 40 gallons an hour at top speed. I looked through the free want ads yesterday, and I'm going to look at an old Coast Guard boat with a 33' hull this morning.

Joined Aug 12, Messages Joined Jun 8, Messages Joined Jun 28, Messages 1, It's a lot of work fairing the hull, but when it's done, it will work just fine. Bondo Moderator Staff member. Joined Apr 17, Messages 67, What about taking an existing hull, flipping it over and and making a mould from it? I looked into building a boat from scratch extensively.

I found the least expensive way to build a 17' to 19' off shore capable boat is by 'stitch and glue'. If you really want to build a boat, get a junker with a good hull, completely gut the boat and build what you want.

Joined Jun 25, Messages 1, Of course I realize there would be a lot of finishing such as sanding and gel coat afterwards, You must log in or register to reply .

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Designs for One-Off Fiberglass Construction These are all of the Glen-L boats that are designed specifically for one-off fiberglass construction. Some can also be built with other methods and if so, will be specified in the design description. Jul 06, �� The company builds one-off Bay deadrise and Downeast-style hulls as well as molded fiberglass center-console boats in sizes 27, 26, 38, 46, and 50 feet. Chesapeake Boats are particularly popular with pirate-boat excursion businesses, commercial and charter fishing customers, and passenger cruise operations. May 28, �� Capital costs, therefore, are quite high, which is why truly custom one-off fiberglass boats are quite rare. It is possible to build fiberglass boats cost-effectively, but only if many boats are born of the same mold. This is what is unique about fiberglass construction. As late as the middle of the 20th century, boats were always built one at.

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