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Kitchen Cabinets | Modular Custom Kitchen Cabinets | NewAge Products
Since Modular studies, designs and manufactures high level catering equipment for food service and hospitality industry: restaurants, canteens, hotels.� The product ranges for furnishing a professional kitchen proposed by Modular Professional feature modern systems of hobs, ovens and sinks rigorously made in Italy, designed to guarantee high performance without sacrificing aesthetics. Discover all product range. Advanced search. Product range. The product ranges for furnishing a professional kitchen proposed by Modular Professional feature modern systems of hobs, ovens and sinks rigorously made in Italy, designed to guarantee high performance without sacrificing aesthetics. Discover all product range. News and Events. Non furnished kitchens Semi furnished kitchen Fully furnished kitchens. myboat285 boatplansarian myboat285 boatplans and serving purpose myboat285 boatplans and efficient. myboat285 boatplanszation for only myboat285 boatplanszation for all myboat285 boatplansnized and cluttered important items elements myboat285 boatplans aesthetic appeal myboat285 boatplans limited flexibility myboat285 boatplansly flexible 4. Flexibility in terms of 4. Aesthetic appeal undefined storage � user 5. Difficulty to map location can store anywhere she is of storage items. comfortable.� -A wine vending machine/ draft beer fountains - have washing machine attached. so that clothes clean up while cooking is going on, u know one kitchen n all done. - Auto turn off feature with gas burner and heater. modular kitchen cabinets. NOTE:The price is EXW price and 3m/set,additional one meter plus USD/myboat285 boatplans products� warranty is 5years. The price include wall/above cabinets,base/bottom cabinets,high cabinets/pantry, countertop,above sink with faucet,3pcs of drawers and assemble fittings etc.,the whole set,but not include electrical appliances. We sent all custom furnitures/cabinets by ship,can't by air(the aliexpress system all is record just by air transports),some big ports is free shipping and some remote ports is not free shipping. The best pls send your kitchen cabinet drawing or kitc.

It is much more than just a place for cooking anymore. Large or small, traditional or modern, kitchens are fuel for bodies, minds and souls for its residents. Modular kitchens are more common and popular today as opposed to traditional style kitchens in India. They have revolutionized the kitchen design in terms of function and aesthetics not only in India but all over the world.

This has completely transformed the concept of kitchens. They are not only functional but highly attractive too, also giving one the freedom to synchronize it with the aesthetics of the rest of the house. It is a boon for both the modern-day lifestyles and traditional ones.

Modular Kitchen is a modern style of designing a kitchen and its furniture layout using modules of cabinets, shelves, racks, drawers and so on made of various materials, to hold accessories, cook-ware, crockery and all that can ease out the process of cooking.

Modular kitchen units can be easily dismantled without damaging the structure. This kind of kitchen offers the latest style and products in the market and a wide range of products to pick from. From varying set-ups, shapes, sizes, colour-ranges, materials including fasteners, every modular kitchen could be made one of a kind yet being efficiently functioning depending on your budget. From in the smallest apartment kitchen to a huge kitchen in a villa, this type is never a disappointment.

Time and energy saving is a plus point with this kind of setup. It is a unique concept aimed at enhancing the lifestyle of every individual. The basic modules are characterized by standardized units for the floor and wall, deep units to accommodate electrical appliances and gas trolleys, and a wide choice of accessories in the form of wire baskets, carousels, adjustable shelves and pull-out units. No matter what the size and the shape of the kitchen, the two basic preferences have always been wood and laminate for the cabinets and shutters, along with sturdy material like marbles or granite for the worktops.

Island style can have more variants depending on the user-requirements, space available, design aspects and so on. A good-looking and stylish kitchen is not only a status-symbol but it also adds to the beauty and elegance of the entire house.

One can easily change, add or subtract elements such as colors, cabinets, shelves etc. Repairs are relatively easy as modular kitchens are made with pre-fabricated components.

Organizing your accessories, ingredients, crockery etc. Modular kitchens have allotted spaces for keeping dishes, cutlery etc. The fact it totally the opposite.

They require the least maintenance which is an asset for modern-day working families. Modular kitchens are user-friendly and can be cleaned easily. The materials used in the pre-fabricated components are generally wash-proof and do not accumulate dirt. The next time the kids stain the cabinet, you know what to do! This includes labour-charges, material costs, transport and energy. Unlike constructing a regular kitchen, installing the units in a modular kitchen requires skilled labour and good precision.

The installation process is time-consuming too! Congratulations; Yashaswini, the budding architect. Write up is crisp and self explanatory. Best effort. Wow amazing i saw the article with execution models you had posted. It was such informative. Really its a wonderful article. Thank you for sharing and please keep update like this type of article because i want to learn more relevant to this topic.

Sir thank you for sharing such a good method of modular kitchen ideas i keep in mind your ideas before i buy modular kitchen for my home in future. Nice article with good images. This blog gives us insight related to modular kitchen pros and cons. It helps us to understand which modular kitchen design suits our kitchen and which not. Very good and awesome information shared. Really wonderful post. Thanks for sharing such a informative blog.

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