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What started in as a single boat in a two-bay shop is now a three-boat line company in a four-warehouse facility, building boats 18��. Our down east hulls� classic design, paired with the modern build, make our boats fuel efficient. Federal built commercial ships, tankers, barges and Boats Built In Wisconsin Us car floats for companies like Grace Line, Standard Oil of New Jersey and various railroads. Federal also was able to get contracts for two Mahan-class destroyers in the mids followed by a few Somers-class destroyers and Benham-class destroyers in the lates lead up to World War II. Jun 16, �� Jersey Yachts was founded in the mids by Fred McCarthy and produced fishing boats from the outset, first in wood and then fiberglass beginning in the late s. The Jersey 31, an early glass model introduced in , established the builder's reputation for Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins.

New Castle News. C new jersey built boats Boats On Sale On Ebay News company. Federal made national news when around 16, workers went on strike at Kearny from August 7 to August 25, If you Wooden Clinker Built Boats For Sale China see something you like or have any questions, let us know and we'll get right back to you. And thanks to you Karl for posting my remarks. Cunningham in "Made in New Jersey," Federal "completely proved its might". Retrieved 16 May

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