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What does an electric circuit mean? Answer A continuous and closed path of an electric current is called an electric circuit. An electric circuit consists of electric devices, source of electricity and wires that are connected with the epectricity of a switch.

10tb the unit of current. Answer The unit of electric current is ampere A. Calculate the number of electrons constituting one coulomb of charge.

Answer One electron possesses a charge of 1. Let the resistance of an electrical component remains constant while the potential difference across the two ends of the component decreases to half of its former value. What ncert solutions of electricity class 10th quote will occur in the current through it? What are the advantages of connecting electrical devices in parallel with the battery instead of connecting zolutions in series?

R is the equivalent resistance of resistances 0. These are connected in series. Hence, the sum of the resistances will give the ncert solutions of electricity class 10th quote of Cllass. Each component of a electrixity circuit receives a small voltage so the amount of current decreases and the device becomes hot and does not work properly.

Hence, Ncert Solutions Class 10th Physics Electricity Jobs series arrangement is not used in domestic circuits. So they are usually used for electricity transmission. Previous Post Next Post. Contact form. LinkList ul li ul'. Tabify by Templateify v1. Constantan alloy of Cu and Ni. Manganin alloy of Cu, Mn and Ni. Nichrome alloy of Ni, Cr, Mn and Fe.


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NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Science Electricity Questions and Answers. Intext Questions. Page Number � Q1. What does an electric circuit mean? Electricity NCERT SOLUTIONS For Class 10th Science. CHAPTER � 12 ELECTRICITY. IN TEXT QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. Page No. Q1. What does an electric current mean? Ans. The flow of electric charge is known as electric current. Electric current is carried by moving electrons through a conductor. Electric current flows in opposite direction to.

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