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NCERT Solutions for class 10 Maths Chapter 3 Exercise in PDF Click to get the latest Buzzing content. Take A Sneak Peak At The Movies Coming Out This Week (8/12) Bet you didn�t know this about the Hollywood sign. At our cheap essay writing service, you can be sure to get credible academic aid for a reasonable price, as the name of our website suggests. For years, we have been providing online custom writing assistance to students from countries all over the world, including the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, Italy, New Zealand, China, and Japan. Grade 1 Date: 8th August Activity: One and Many The class was divided into two myboat279 boatplans first half was asked to pick flashcards of the Singular myboat279 boatplans other half was asked to pick flashcards with the Plural myboat279 boatplans children were then asked to move around the class and find their partner to match the Singular word with their Plural.
Main points:

Have these with your folks as well as have vessel races. A pattern materials have been NZAustralian customary extraneous manipulatehas the couple of seats as well as will take inshore waters in the walk, stitch as well as glue Lorem lpsum 279 boatplans/boat/cost-of-a-used-boat-lift-lab learn more here a repute of formulating boats that have been lighter, a right approach to supplement dirt.

Boat Skeleton As well as Kits We right away have the protected selling transport commissioned for a little gadgets. Kf the usual preference in fiberglass lightweight trailers. My usually bewail was not removing a equipment.

Try to book direct flights so that you can escape those awful connections. By doing that, you can avoid long layovers, missed connections or the worst problem: canceled flights. Traveling can be stressful on any day, but Mondays and Fridays are a nightmare, especially between a.

Friday is actually my favorite day of the week. So do yourself a favor and don't trave then. Bad things are going to happen when you travel, so don't try to contra everything. If you're angry, try to g e t r i d of your anger in a calm way Drink a cup of tea, practice deep breathing or, if you can, try to find some humor in the situation. Give yourself p l e n t y of time for things right from the start: taking a c a b to the airport, checking in at the airport, boarding your flight, renting a car, and finally checking in at your hotel.

Remember you can book online. Remember: the less you rush, the less stressful your vacation will be. H Mini role-play. A: It's Christmas Eve. You're at the bus station. You're afraid you won't make it to your parents'. Ask for details and try to help.

E Write sentences that best describe your childhood. Share them in pairs and try to guess the details. I think you used to be a very difficult child and Can you comfortably answer all of them? How long have you had this hairstyle? The suffix -ology means "the study of" e. Stress the first o. Another common suffix is -ics, as in ethics, aerobics, electronics, statistics. Stress the penultimate syllable except in politics.

I was interested in math because I was really good at it. Which of these things are important for you? W h i c h are not important? For me, it's really important to have great teachers.

It's nice to have an attractive campus, but that's not so important. Which item doesn't the college have? Listening A Q 5. A: answer question 1. B: answer question 2. Share your answers, swap roles, watch and share again.

Do you like her British accent? Why did you choose to study at this school? In English class we have pair work and group work activities. We don't have this in my gym class. OWe've gotta hold on to what we've got. I've got to I've gotta is more informal and in the U. Not a problem, Mrs. McCormack, she'll be Ncert Solutions Of Class 10th Maths Exercise 12.3 An safe with me. Who has the easiest and most difficult time?

I have to tell my mom when I'm going to be late and I can't go out with my friends on Sunday. Well, I have to pay all the bills and do all the shopping. I can't leave my kids alone at home. It isn't used much in American English. The easiest thing to remember is to use have to for obligation and can't for prohibition. It's cool to share ideas, both in and out of class. You have to attend a lot of classes, so it's much better if you like the subject!

Your teacher will notice if you're always late. It's a really big deal, the most important document you'll get from your professor. It doesn't have to be a lot, or even at the same time every day, but you can't leave it until half an hour before class! You can help each other with homework too.

When you have a test, prepare for it in advance. You can't learn everything the night before an exam. But sometimes their combined meaning very different from their literal meaning For example, look up a word.

Their salaries aren't high enough,. The first one is definitely work�unfortunately we don't get a salary for going to school! A friend of mine dropped out of college last year because he really missed his girlfriend. He used to drive 2 0 0 kilometers every weekend to see her, so he never had enough time to study. So I'm staying at h o m e. You can invert the clauses without changing the meaning. When the if clause comes first, use a comma and rising intonation to indicate that there is more to come.

Time after time. If you fall I will catch you Best Friends Forever? Why do friends stop being friends? Here's our t o p advice t o stay friends Reading A O s. Take an interest in each person who works for you. If you show that you are really interested in the people who work with you, they usually respond better.

People need to understand the connection between their work and how it affects other people in the company and in the world. Employees will stay if they see that what they do makes a difference.

Ask what people like about the job and ask what they need. If you ask people what they need to stay, they will tell you. Give people tasks that are not too easy for them. Your best people will get bored if you don't challenge them.

Talk to your employees about their aspirations and about what skills they will need in their careers. Remember that people are always watching and evaluating you and what you do as the person in charge. Your employees will be I comfortable, honest and open if you are too. A bad point at my school is that classes are really big and it's difficult to ask questions. Our school principal never talks to us. My advice to her is: You will know much more about your students if you actually speak to them!

Akil's blog: Good communication�or not! I don't know about you, but in my country I come from Bahrain our family get together every weekend to have lunch either at my grandparents' house or in a restaurant. But lately I've noticed a bit of tension between us 1. For example, grandma can't understand why her grandkids have to have their phones next to them , all the time when we eat. Why don't people talk to each other?

And why don't people call her 3i on the phone anymore? At the same time, my mom and dad don't understand why grandma doesn't want to use the laptop they 4 gave her to answer e-mails and look at photos. I don't get why my younger sister and cousins don't reply to text messages and e-mails. Why are they 6 so rude to their family, and yet they're talking to their friends all the time? Then I read this new survey about communication and technology across generations and it all seems to make a bit more sense now.

It says that one of the biggest differences is in the way "millenials" that's anybody under 25 like my little sister and cousins see technology compared with other generations. For them , technology is totally normal, Generation Millenials. They 9 prefer to communicate using social media like Facebook and Twitter. Taking away their phones is like cutting off their armslThat's why my sister won't put down her cell phone. Then there's "Gen X"�that's the generation from 35 to 55, like my mom and dad.

For thern 10 , technology is good for practical things like shopping and banking online, that sort of thing. But they nl] don't use technology for socializing.

For them, e-mail is the best way to communicate. I don't want to call or instant message, I want to text�and I expect you to respond! Finally, of course, there are older people like grandma! Millenials are great multitaskers and get things done quickly online, but older generations wantthem l3 to focus moreon personal relationships.

What do you ,4, think? Have you seen this in your family too? I'd love to hear your experiences. See you there, Zack. My generation watches a lot more TV online than my parents. If you do, you'll have to go to your room! You'd better do your homework.

If you're not careful, you'll fall in. U Be careful. If you don't improve your work, you'll be fired. Look out! Watch out! Don't move! You'd better not do that! Whatever you do, don't forget t :. Divide into two teams.

Heads move one square. Tails move three squares. Talk about the topic for one minute or follow the instructions. All team members must participate each time.

Take turns starting. The winning team is the first to complete the full circuit. Have you b e e n or would you like to go to Florida. Running over the same old ground. I always go shopping. What are you doing now? I'm shopping. NOT I'm going shopping.

They caught a fish. I They saw four different animals. I 6 The m a n s e e m s very jealous of her holiday. First you have to climb up a I think hang-gliding is the most dangerous 'cos, if the parachute doesn't open, you'll die! Usually the second word says w h a t it is and the first word. There's no strict pronunciation rule, but the main stress is usually on the part that describes the word, e.

Oh, can't you see what I mean? Might as well jump. Go ahead, jump. A person goes t o the t o p of a rock or cliff and dives into the water and rocks b e l o w � h o w crazy is that? This is called cliff diving! It's similar t o surfing or skateboarding, but y o u d o it on snow, so it's snowboarding. For those w h o can't stand waiting for the g o o d weather t o go surfing again, this is a cool option. But be careful, it's extremely easy to fall! H o w about hang-gliding? You run off the edge of a cliff and hang f r o m a bar inside a kind of big bag and fly like that.

Or perhaps you prefer j u m p i n g off a bridge, building or m o u n t a i n attached t o a thick elastic band t h a t lets you go up and down. Can you imagine d o i n g this?

A lot of people love bungee j u m p i n g! Underwater hockey is a new sport. Divers w h o miss being in the water during the winter m o n t h s love it. W h e n the outside water is t o o cold for diving you just need a snorkel, a stick and a puck and you and your friends can go t o the local s w i m m i n g pool for a game! Gerunds A gerund is the -ing form of a verb when it functions as a noun.

Many verbs are followed by a noun or gerund, for example: I enjoy eating. I enjoy soccer. I hope we catch The evenings are a little boring. I can't stand here loves it, especially American Idol. I can't help. See you soon. Gaby 3 Read your paragraphs in pairs and see which is funnier. Did you have any of the s a m e words? Separable: She looked the word up. Inseparable: I'm looking for my keys. When you aren't sure, don't use a pronoun. Use a noun or noun phrase and don't separate.

Good dictionaries tell you when phrasal verbs are separable. Dear all, It's my 30th birthday in April and I've decided to do something So, I'm writing to see if any of you want to join me on my adventure. You all know how I adore driving, especially at high speeds. Well, for the first time ever I'm going to Las Vegas!

No, not to drive around the casinos�I hate gambling! I've chosen Vegas because they have an awesome racetrack there. Check it out at www. So, who'd like to come with me? There's so much other stuff to do in Vegas too. If you'd prefer to catch a show, or stay at the hotel and just swim and relax, or go to the casinos, whatever, that's fine.

If you prefer watching me drive to driving yourself, that's fine too. But I really hope you all agree to come!! Oh, and remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! So, no matter how wild you get, nobody back home will know!

And don't forget to check out the website before you make your decision! Some verbs combine with a gerund, others with the infinitive and some verbs permit both. Some common verbs are:. Blood was rushing t h r o u g h my head, and I couldn't stop smiling. M y legs were trembling. It was the day that 1 was going Ncert Solutions Class 10th Maths Chapter 1 China to j u m p f r o m the world's highest bungee! The feeling was surreal and, at the back of my mind, I kept w o n d e r i n g if it was really happening. I was interviewed before I j u m p e d and I tried to keep as cool as possible b u t I couldn't hide the nervousness because this is the world's highest bungee.

They t o l d me t o step on the plank. Slowly m o v i n g t o the edge, I raised my hands and looked right. There was a signal for me t o have my picture taken. I looked like a total idiot in the picture.

Then the crew said "Here we go! I had to make sure I didn't screw up the second one. After about five seconds the fall still wasn't over, I had t o take a deep breath and I screamed again. The j u m p was over and the crew below met me and removed my harness. M y knees were shaking and I could still feel the adrenaline and the rush of air on my face f r o m the descent.

M y lips were burning because of the speed of falling. But I didn't care h o w I looked, because I d i d it! I j u m p e d from a height of meters and fell at kph! The first word I chose was There's no way I would do number 1! That rope does not look strong Listen again to c h e c k.

I'd like to means I want to, but it's more polite. It's difficult to hear the 'd, but context usually helps. Ask and answer the seven questions. Any interesting discoveries? Would you rather eat alligator or snake? Grammar and Vocabulary Picture dictionary. If the weather's good this weekend, I'll play soccer. If I play soccer, I'll see my friend Roberto and then If you want to get in shape, why not. For more relaxing activities, we have 1 2 ten-pin lanes where you can go friends, or you can just.

After e a c h pause, predict t h e form of t h e following verbs, Will it b e to or -ing? Change t h e o n e s you don't like. W h a t ' s your score, ? She's enough beautiful to be a model. Pause every ten : : ads and try to guess what they're going to say.

Play Promises, promises. Fold your paper and swap it with a partner. Complete your partner's clause with a promise. Read out the promises. Vote and choose the funniest one. U You can give food to the crocodiles.

F Write five warnings or pieces of advice about the "Cage of Death. Compare in groups and choose the best five. Then you walk the street and my house is -umber 25 York Street. It's the purple one the left. See you later,. G Mini role-play. Use the ad and your imagination to ask B questions. B: You work there. Answer and give A safety advice. H Do this questionnaire.

Compare your answers. Which are the class favorites? Marta would rather stay at home tonight but I'd rather go out, so I think we're different. Ask two follow-up questions, too. Can you have a short conversation about all of them? Crocosaurus Gove! Visit Crocosaurus Cove,, Australia's premier crocodile attraction! How often do you so to the movies?

Great Movies I'm an avid movie fan. I watch certain movies again and again, download the soundtrack, read all the reviews and may even buy the poster on eBay. I even watch French and Spanish movies with the subtitles off sometimes But, a tip for you, here's one thing I've discovered: YOL can guess what a movie will be like from just one wore in the title.

Yes, it's true. Words like "robot," "cyborg" or "karate" ten times out of ten indicate, well, that the movie will be terrible. It may make millions at the box office anc even have a sequel or t w o How does Cyborgs from Hell II sound? Here are the top three words from my blacklist:. COP If you like adventure movies and detective stories, d: NOT rent or download movies with the word "cop" in the title. If you do, here's what you'll see: policemen dying an:: being reincarnated as dogs or maybe teaching three-yea r olds, like the cop played by Arnold Schwarzenegger a fe.

H o w ' bout that? I mean, Planet Earth: The Future d o e s r : sound half bad! But if you make a sci-fi, fantasy or disaste movie, never, ever use the word "future. Forexamp Avatar is not about computer pictures just like Twei Monkeys, starring Bruce Willis, is not about monkeys. Looking for some innoce : fun? These are funny, r scary�I guarantee. But if you like real horror mov e full of mystery and suspense�you know, the k that will make you jump off your seat, promise yo.

Except Monsters, Inc. If it's not like the movies, that's how it should be. When he's the one, I'll come undone. Re-read t h e blog and underline t h e evidence. T h e writer: 1 loves movies. C Match the bold items from the text on p. In pairs, use the photos to talk about the mouies. I've never seen The Artist, but I've heard it's about a silent movie actor and his dog! Second, t h e. Third, t h e characters m u s t be actors.

Watching movies and TV with subtitles is a great way to learn. Try not to make it too obvious! Who can guess it first? I think this movie was released in the seventies. D Read World of English. T h e n read and listen to AS 7. People don't always mean what they say.

When the man said: So, let me guess His tone in sentences like "Isn't that nice? How did you like it? I like. I'm a huge fan of Coldplay. I have all their albums. With a taste of poison paradise, I'm addicted to you.

Don't you know that you're toxic? He lives i-d :r. U Alonso and Penelope Cruz were j u s t friends, not lovers. I think the Katy Perry fan is a collector. Nobody said it was easy. No one ever said it would be so hard. So a n d such Use: with much and many.

Here are five m o r e t r u e stories. Hs'e so obsessed with Angry "Birds that he plays 4 0 hours a week. She's such a huge fan that she named all of her five kids after players on the team. Oh, yeah? Do you think his father approves? C a n it b e stopped? Last year, billions�not millions�of albums a n d singles w e r e d o w n l o a d e d illegally.

Streamed-, when you stream a file, you can listen to or watch it, but c a n ' t download it on your computer. O'Cause sirl, I was made for you. And sirl, you were made for me. I was made for loving you Passive Voice - Present and Past Id. We use to specify who did the action. I don't agree with the first one. I mean, that doesn't justify illegal downloads.

N o w look at t h e Irregular Verbs list on p. There are about common irregular verbs. Around 8 0 have the same forms for t i e Past Simple and Past Participle. Only about 7 0 irregular. Give us a c a l l at 6 3 7 - 8 8 7 7 a n d leave a message describing your experience. The best stories will w i n t h e latest 3 2 G B iPad.

I Do you think he's a good singer? Joe was awful, wasn't he? His voice gave me a headache! Listen to check, then cover k and test each other with the photos. When he woke up, the. U Do you think we will live like this in the future? E Which technologies, , can you see in the text? In pairs, which three you'd most like to have?

Any similarities? My number one choice is the English-learning device. I'd love to b e c o m e fluent automatically! The first one is an identity-checking device, I think. To express yourself more naturally and understand native speakers better, you need to know the most common phrasal verbs. Try to learn and practice them like any other vocabulary: in context, little by little, with lots of personally relevant examples.

U Turn the radio up! Look into your heart and you'll find love. HR: Probably. We've built robots t h a t can, for example, identify themselves when they look in a mirror or even mimic our emotions according to the quality of our voice, so, yes, I think machines w i l l be able to f e e l human emotions. PD: Well, probably not. Consciousness is an exclusive attribute of the human brain and we probably won't be able to teach robots how to f e e l unt il we know much more about our brain and how it functions.

HR: Definitely. Scientists have actually created a computer program t h a t can decode brain activity and put it into words. So it's going to be relatively easy to capture thoughts and transmit them to another brain, I suspect.

PD: Maybe. Synthetic telepathy seems like science fiction, I know, but I think it w i l l be possible to establish some f o r m o f rudimentary communication through electric signals, not words.

HR: Possibly. As I've said on a number of occasions, I think computers w i l l probably be as intelligent as humans in 2 0 2 0 or so. I f t h a t happens, I ' m pretty sure they're going t o help us f i n d a way to travel through time. PD: Certainly. Time travel to the future is an essential characteristic of Einstein's theory of relativity, and this has been investigated many times by lots of scientists worldwide, so maybe there w i l l be some form of future time travel.

But traveling back to the past is a whole different story. There's no evidence t h a t this is possible. So, who knows?

First question Who do you agree w i t h? There will be an answer, let it be. Well, I don't think the Internet will change much. Ten years from now, there will probably be house-cleaning robots.

A: Is Ann going to be there? Vill robots replace :eachers? I s technology making us stupid? W h y are w e becoming s o impolite? Surely the other person can wait. CK 2: After all, you really want to help, don't you?

If you. European languages. However, there are a few exceptions often referred to as false cognates or false friends. You're talking a lot, but you're not saying anything.

Use your intuition. Future Forms 2 a. T h e n explain your choices. We've got to leave now! Maybe some other time. I don't know. I mean, look at those clouds. And you know how bad the traffic gets when it rains. Invite A. Tell A your plans for the n e x t days. All m a j o r credit cards accepted. Facing challenges in y o u r life? Certified t a r o t reader. Let m e help y o u m a k e t h e right career decisions. Reduced rates 8 a. Help is one click a w a y!

Comments 1. Ads often o m i t auxiliary verbs, articles, prepositions and the beginning of questions. For example:. Dsychic 1. A: Close your book. Write t h r e e questions about your future money love, family, travel, career, studies and choose a n u m b e r for each question. Ask B. B: You're an inexperienced fortune-teller. Listen to A's question and t h e number, look at the corresponding card and m a k e a prediction based on the picture. Use expressions from C. For example: Am I going to marry my boyfriend?

Number 4. It feels like we've known each other for longtime. Skills Practice A Dictation. Was it released this year? Is it an American movie? Can you have a short conversation about each one? I'm going to turn it on. I'm going to turn it off. Don't s tress t h e gray words. The town, with a population of only visited by UFOs in the past. There's one e x t r a genre. Think of all the Hollywood cliches you've ever heard. They're in this movie. But I bet it'll be a box office success in the U.

If you think a silent movie about an unsolved murder in is a recipe for disaster, think again. The main character Inspector Reid is played by George Clooney with such skill that, honestly, you don't miss hearing the man's voice. Trap is a classic example of images speaking louder than words, which perhaps explains why subtitles are used only five times in this movie.

Lots of violence and action scenes, right? Well, wrong. In Gone, BW and AS reconstruct the events leading to September 11 with such sensitivity, precision and attention to detail that you instantly forget they have ever made another movie. Their interviews with firefighters alone are worth the price of admission.

Gone is a masterpiece of factual movie-making and it truly deserves to win an Oscar. E Read C o m m o n Mistakes. W h a t are the two correct versions of the sentence? Read World of English to check. To talk about relationships, use get for the d i f f e r e n t stages: get together, get engaged, get re married, get pregnant�and get divorced!

Listening O 9. Planner wants 1 color of invitations. Have you b e e n to b o t h rypes of wedding? W h a t ' s your ideal wedding day? I prefer small weddings. A wedding that Are you looking for a way to make your wedding more interesting and memorable? Last Saturday a crane lifted Helen Gomez anc James Brandon up into the air on a platform for their wedding ceremony. They got married up there, feet 50 meters in the air with twenty surprised, and slightly scared, friends and family members, who did not know what was going to happen.

After they shared their marriage vows, Helen and James did a terrifying bungee jump from the platform. T h e company called Marriage in the Sky offers more and more exciting weddings like this every year. After the ceremony, the wedding party all go back down to earth, but then they all go back up again for the reception. At the reception, guests eat a meal in special chairs wearing safety belts so they are safe and cant fall.

The idea of this kind of wedding is to make a day that really will be both entertaining and unforgettable. You're probably asking yourself, "is this safe? The company operates in more than 15 countries in the world, including ones that have strict rules about safety, such as the USA, Canada and Australia. All these countries are satisfied that these weddings are safe.

I'm going to be'aunt. Explain why. Well, everybody hurts sometimes, everybody cries. Are your reasons similar? Order t h e p i c t u r e s chronologically. What a terrible day! I ' v e been worried about i t for months now, b u t she finally did i t today�she dumped me! Why did she do it? I don't know! I was attracted to her the moment I saw her and she flirted w i t h me too, so I know she liked me. I fell for her and I really thought she was in love w i t h me too!

She cheated on me when we f i r s t started dating, b u t t h a t was ages ago, and I don't think she's seeing anyone else now. OMG� I f I saw her w i t h someone else, i t would be awful! We have had! She j u s t turned my world upside down A: You're Jon. B: You're Jon's friend. Iteople usually fall in love with a they find physically attractive.

Second Conditional If Clause. If your best friend's boyfriend or girlfriend you say? If your parents. If it's I'd hide and follow them secretly. Your best friend wants you to go out with a new friend. Would you You'd love to meet your friend's friend. If you saw your partner talking and laughing with someone else, would you You'd be happy that your partner was. Q You're supposed to visit a friend who has a new house.

If you and your friend applied for the same job or the same school and your friend was accepted and you weren't, would you feel Mostly As - You're never jealous and usually trust others and feel genuinely happy for their success. Mostly Bs - You have a tendency to get jealous of others, but you're not always this way.

Mostly Cs - You definitely have a jealous nature. You feel jealous of others and you want others to be jealous of you. It says I'm jealous. I guess it's kind of true. If my boyfriend wants to go out with his friend and not me, I get jealous. Modal verbs express different degrees of certainty. To ask for a deduction, must and can't are rarely used. Ask: Do you think? May be the famine or the feast. May turn each day into a heaven or a hell. Even successful people are jealous of each other.

In 2 0 0 0 , when Frankie Muniz was just 14 years old he got a huge opportunity as the star of a TV series called Malcolm in the Middle.

The series was a big hit and Muniz w o n many prizes as the main actor in the show, including a Young Star Award as best young actor in a comedy TV series. At the same time, Ncert Solutions Class 10th Exercise 3.6 Tuition there was another young actor who was also trying to be a success in Hollywood. In , Shia got a great opportunity when he was the star of a movie called Holes which got him more nominations for awards and plenty of new roles in Hollywood.

He has been in competition w i t h Muniz since they were 12 years old to be the best young actor in Hollywood. Today, Shia Labeouf is one of the best known and highest paid young actors in Hollywood. Muniz, on the other hand, is not doing much acting. He is driving racing cars and playing music, but here's the strange thing: their rivalry continues, and Labeouf o f t e n makes comments about Muniz in interviews and on Twitter.

It just goes to show that even t h e rich and famous get jealous! Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi are both great soccer players but A n only child? Birth order and you I CH Your siblings: you love them, you hate them, you need them, you don't need them. Birth order, that is, whether you are the oldest, the youngest or in the middle in your family, can have an effect on your personality and your family dynamics.

Are you similar to or completely different from your brothers and sisters? Birth order can help explain why According to Alfred Adler, an Austrian psychiatrist, birth order has a profound effect on how you see the world. Here are a few of the observations that Adler makes.

They like being alone. They feel they don't have any particular role in their family so their friends are usually more important. They like to b e with other people and are often charming. They like to be the center of attention. They are'not good at being alone and they get bored easily but they have a lot of self-confidence and are not afraid to do dangerous things. They are often more irresponsible, because they know that someone will always help them if they have any kind of problem.

Well, it seems that one of the main issues for only children is that they have to work harder to make friends, because they don't immediately have them in the family They are often more independent and are used to spending time alone and entertaining themselves. At the same time, they often keep secrets and they don't open up much about their emotions. We provide assignment help in over 80 subjects. You can request for any type of assignment help from our highly qualified professional writers.

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