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Chapter 6 Political Parties | Class 10, NCERT Solutions, Political Science Feb 11, �� Ch 6 Political Parties Class 10 Civics NCERT Solutions is very helpful in revising the significant topics given in the chapter such as meaning of political party, functions of political party, party system, parties in India and challenges to political parties. Jul 23, �� NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Political Science Chapter 6 � Political Parties gives the students a chance to learn in detail about the political scenario of their country. After going through our solutions provided by our expert teachers, the student will surely secure incredible marks. NCERT Solutions For Class 10 Civics Chapter 6 Political Parties (Social Science / Political Science): Class 10 is the first stepping stone for a student in the competitive world. With the introduction of the CBSE Board Exam for class 10 a few years back, this has become an important gateway for a student.

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SahuMaharaj C. Ambedkar D. Ques 9: What is the guiding philosophy of the BharatiyaJanata Party? BahujanSamaj B. Revolutionary democracy C. Integral humanism D. Ques Consider the following statements on parties. Political parties do not enjoy much trust among the people. Parties are often rocked by scandals involving top party leaders. Parties are not necessary to run governments. Which of the statements given above are correct?

Which of the statements given above are correct? Read the following passage and answer the questions given below: Muhammad Yunus is a famous economist of Bangladesh.

He received several international honours for his efforts to promote economic and social development for the benefit of the poor. In February , he decided to launch a political party and contest in the parliamentary elections. His objective was to foster proper leadership, good governance and build a new Bangladesh. He felt that only a political party different from the traditional ones woxild bring about new political culture.

His party would be democratic from the grassroots level. While many welcomed his decision, some did not like it. Some others were highly critical. They asked why he was rushing into politics. In a democracy every citizen has a right to form political party or join a political party. Yunus has established Grameen Bank for the welfare of the people. He knows about the welfare of the people and will be successful in politics too.

Organisational elections should be held regularly. There should be transparency in the working of the party. Due representation should be given to all sections of the society including women and minorities. List I List II 1.

National Democratic Alliance 2. State party 3. Communist Party of India Marxist C. United Progressive Alliance 4. Telugu Desam party D. Left Front. Members do agree on some policies and programmers for the society for collective good. They persuade people why their policies are better. Thus implement it by winning popular support elections. They involve partisanship. It reflects fundamental political division in a society.

Constructive criticism of government. Restriction of arbitrariness of ruling party. Safeguard, liberty and rights of the people. Well prepared to form government. Expression of public opinion. Machinery and welfare schemes. Download Study material and notes for the preparation of Board Exams. Why the need of a party? What are the challenges to political parties? What are the merits of a multi-party system?

How can an ordinary citizen contribute in reforming the political parties? Important Questions on Class 10 Civics Chapter 6 State the various functions political parties perform in a democracy.

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