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CBSE Class 10 Social Science Notes for Revision

After they download the well-prepared Science Class 10 Revision Notes, they can access them without worrying about the stable internet connection. The convenience of studying through professionally made notes can help students score excellent marks.

Most importantly, students can get these Science Notes Class 10 print out in hardcopy to study at their own ontes and comfort. Chapter 1 - Chemical Reactions and Equations: Our revision notes cover all the concepts in the chapter. It offers elaborated explanations on important topics like chemical reactions, types of chemical reactions, how to write and balance chemical equations and.

Chapter 2 - Acids, Bases, and Salts: Our crucial notes cover essential details about acids, bases, and salts, making anything taste sour or bitter. Chapter clqss - Metals and Non-Metals: The Class 10 Science Revision Notes covers physical and chemical properties that explains the differences between metals and nonmetals.

It highlights how metals and non-metals react when in or with acids, water and metal salts. Chapter 4 - Carbon and Its Compounds: Our revision notes cover all the topics mentioned in this chapter. Students can learn about covalent compounds, four main chemical reactions like combustion, oxidation, substitution, addition and how millions of saturated and unsaturated compounds structured in chains, rings, or branches are formed.

Chapter 6 - Life Processes: Our revision Notes of Class 10 Science covers the concept of every life process, including human beings and animals. It explains all the easy processes that keep humans, animals, and plants alive. Chapter 7 - Control and Coordination: The crucial notes cover the concept of how living organisms owe their survival to numerous procedures, including movement and interaction.

It highlights how living organisms react to certain situations that require control and coordination. Chapter 8 - How do Organisms Reproduce: Our notes thoroughly cover the concept of reproduction in human beings, animals, and plants. Students can understand the primary topics of reproduction like sexual and asexual in. Chapter 9 - Heredity and Evolution: Our Notes for Class 10 Science covers the biological inheritance, which means passing traits and features ncet ncert notes of class 10th sst to their offspring.

It also explains prime examples of evolution thoroughly. 10thh 10 - Light Reflection and Refraction: The crucial notes cover the important topic of reflection and refraction and how to calculate the nature, position, image and its magnification generated by ncert notes of class 10th sst spherical mirror. It ncert notes of class 10th sst includes refraction of light via glass slab, the concept of refractive index and.

Ncert notes of class 10th sst 11 - Human Eye and Colourful World: Our revision notes cover the importance of the eye, defects of vision and their correction, atmospheric refraction, light refraction through the prism, scattering of light, Tyndall effect and.

Chapter 12 - Electricity: Our notes cover all the related topics of electricity in this chapter. Students can understand the electric current and circuit with the help of a diagram.

Nncert also includes factors on which the resistance conduct relies and the system of resistors. Chapter 13 - Magnetic Effects of Electric Current: Our 10th Science Notes cover all the Sst Class 10th Ncert Notes Quiz significant topics like magnetic field and field lines, the force on current-carrying conductors. It also covers electric motors, ncert notes of class 10th sst generators and domestic electric circuits in a detailed way.

Chapter 14 - Sources of Energy: The crucial notes cover all the topics like energy, fossil fuels, conventional sources of energy and. Students can learn alternatives or non-conventional sources of energy. Chapter 15 - Our Environment: The notes cover important aspects of our environment, ecosystem and how our activities affect the environment.

Main point:

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History textbook has five chapters. The first two chapters are related to the development of nationalism in Europe and India. In the next two chapters, we will talk about the structure of economies and societies and see how world started becoming a narrow place.

The last chapter is about the emergence of Print Culture and how it helps in circulating ideas. Geography textbook has seven chapters. The first chapter deals with the types of resources and specifically about land resources. The second chapter is about forests and wildlife resources and their conversation. Image to be added soon.

In history, we get to learn about the rise of nationalism in Europe, nationalism in India, industrialization, etc. Whereas in Political Science or Civics we learn about federalism, democracy, diversity, etc, and in Economics we get to learn about the various sectors of the economy, money or credit system, growth or development, etc. All the topics and concepts are covered in these Class 10 SST notes in an easy-to-understand manner. There 10 th social science notes for all the chapters from all the sub-subjects which makes revision extremely easy and methodical.

History is one of the most important theoretical subjects in class It requires thorough regular revision. Students are expected to write good, precise and to the point answers. Class 10 History syllabus has topics like Nationalism, French Revolution, Imperialism, Globalization and other such aspects and events that have influenced the society.

The notes have the important dates highlighted which make it easy to revise. Geography is another important sub-subject in the Social Sciences of class Geography is again a theoretical subject which requires thorough revision. It's easier to revise these theoretical subjects if you prepare good notes. This makes studies more organized. The political science of class 10 chapters focus on how a democracy runs. How are all the political functions taking place in the nation?

The compiled notes of Political Science help understand each chapter better. The sub-subject of Economics is extremely crucial for the Board examinations. These notes are very well structured and are written in easy and understandable ways along with diagrams or flowcharts where ever necessary and are prepared as per the latest syllabus of CBSE and NCERTs. These notes will help to understand the concepts and revise the syllabus.

These notes will surely help the students to write better answers. These notes will help the students to understand where they should focus more and which topics or concepts are important and how to deal with them. Hence, they are perfect for exam-time preparation as well as for developing concepts.

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