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Navigation Lights to Meet Coast Guard Requirements. Nothing beats a day on the water but a pleasant night cruise is a close contender. Boat navigation lights help to ensure visibility to other boats when you are underway or anchored at night. We carry the lights you need to meet Coast Guard requirements when using your boat after dark and we can help you determine which navigation lights are required . As you are equipping your boat, it is important to be mindful of navigation light regulations for your style of boat � underway power boats are required to have a stern light, and either a pair of side lights or a bow light. Side lights come in a variety of housings including stainless steel and polymer. A bi-colored boating navigation light is for the bow and the all-around navigation light will be on the back or center of the boat body. The bi-colored light will be at a degree spread and the all-around light will be a degree spread light. If the boat is about 13 meters (), the boat must have red and green lights on the side of the boat, a masthead light and a stern light. The red and green lights will be on the side of the boat .
Position of Boat Navigation Lights. Most of the variations that can be found in the different vessels can be read about in most almanacs. At the very basic level, a vessel needs to show a red light to port and green light to starboard. Depending on the size of the vessel, one or more colored or white lights are used Navigation Lights For Boats Wikipedia Twitter as well.� International Navigation Rules state that the boat navigation lights should be placed above the uppermost continuous deck. In case separate fixtures are used for the red and green sidelights, the masthead or all-round white light is placed as close as possible to the vessel�s fore and aft centerline. The masthead or all-around light needs to be positioned at least 1 m or ft above the sidelights. Following are the basic positions of navigational lights. Navigation lights should be fitted by the manufacturer or an authorised person. Smaller boats have a number of options including bracketed or combination suction-capped lights. These types of navigation lights are available from marine dealers. Minimum required lights.� Navigation lights must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. A mast for an all-round white light on a PWC should be installed in such a way it will not pose an impaling hazard. The addition of any aftermarket products to a PWC must be in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and must not compromise the watertight integrity of the hull. Boats moored or at anchor. All boats at anchor or attached to a registered buoy mooring must show an all-round white light. Sport rowing boats. Similarly even boats and ships are required to have lights. Such lights, known as marine navigation lighting, form a very important part of the marine navigation systems.� The primary function of marine navigation lights is to aid prevention of any major accident from happening. All boats � whether big or small are required to have night lights as a part of the navigation systems. This system was introduced in the year by the United States and then was followed by the United Kingdom in � Credits: myboat063 boatplans The visibility range of such lights varies between three miles to six miles. The lights that are used for ships and bigger boats have a longer range of visibility as compared to the smaller boats. Following table indicates the visibility of lights as per the COLREGS Rule

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