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Genus: Nandina (nan-DEE-nuh) (Info). Species: domestica (doh-MESS-tik-a) (Info). Cultivar: Gulf Stream. Additional cultivar information: (PP).� it is myboat020 boatplans honestly most nandina cultivars are compact, only the non cultivar version can be very wide. i got both firepower and gulfstream they are both compact, firepower reaches less height and gulfstream reaches more height without losing its compact shape. both are in a very small garden and both perfrom reallly well without affecting the performance of plants around them. How Boats And Streams Problems Feel Free To Learn Translation to Prune Gulf Stream Nandina. Step 1. Remove dead and spindly stems back to a large branch or to the soil. Play/Pause SPACE. Step 2. Remove up to half of the growth at the bottom of the Gulf Stream nandina to encourage the shrub to grow fuller. Step 3. Renovate the neglected Dwarf Stream nandina by cutting the entire plant back to one-third its size. Cut the More How to Prune Gulf Stream Nandina | eHow. myboat020 boatplans ��� �� ���� ����� �������? ���� ����� ����������. How to care for Gulf Stream Nandina? How to care for Gulf Stream Nandina? G. Noted for its foliage color, Nandina domestica 'Gulf Stream' (Heavenly Bamboo) is a compact, bushy, evergreen shrub adding multi-season beauty to the garden. In spring, a profusion of tiny white flowers adorned with golden anthers appear in conical panicles at the tips of the branches. Rich in nectar, they attract bees and other pollinators. The flowers are sometimes followed by abundant clusters of red berries which persist throughout fall and winter.� Highly popular in the landscape, Gulf Stream is one of the toughest and most adaptable plants. It makes a lovely informal hedge, can be used as a foundation planting, in containers or in the mixed border.

Nandina produces fruits, but many of the new dwarf introductions are sterile and fruitless. George Weigel. Q: I'm confused about whether to plant nandinas or not.

Some articles say it's a good, tough and colorful evergreen plant. Others say it's invasive and can kill birds.

Is this a plant you recommend for our area? A: Like any plant, nandina has its pros and cons � and a key factor in my mind is exactly which nandina you plant.

On the whole, I like several of the non-fruiting dwarf types. Nandina � also called heavenly bamboo, even though it's not really a bamboo � is an eastern Asian species that's been planted throughout the Southeast for years.

Those berries get moved around by birds, which deposit seeds that Boat And Stream Problems Formula 30 can sprout and lead to nandinas where they're not wanted. Nandinas have escaped cultivation in at least nine states � in other words, at least potentially invasive.

Those are primarily warm Southeastern states, though. Pennsylvania is not on that list. In fact, it's only been recently that nandina has caught on as a Pennsylvania option.

When winter temperatures get down into the single digits, nandina typically turns brown and suffers some branch dieback. Below-zero temperatures often kill them, which is why it took a string of warming winters to make nandinas a more common plant across southern Pennsylvania.

Despite browning in cold winters, nandinas end up looking pretty good by early summer after a little pruning and some fresh springtime growth. The bird-killing reports are fairly new. Nandinas have long been considered a bird-friendly plant because of the winter fruits that robins, cardinals, mockingbirds, cedar waxwings and others devour.

However, in , researchers investigating dozens of dead cedar waxwings in Georgia traced the deaths to cyanide poisoning � a result of the birds gorging themselves on nandina berries and overdosing.

Nandina fruits � like 2, other plants � contain small amounts of cyanide. The theory resulting from that is that cedar waxwings are particularly prone to nandina poisoning because of how they tend to gorge-feed when they find a food to their liking. To solve any concerns of both invasiveness and bird-poisoning, a good solution is to stick with nandina varieties that are sterile � i.

Most of the new dwarf types have that trait and are grown for their compactness, durability and colorful foliage as opposed to fruits. Some of my favorite examples of fruitless or nearly so dwarf nandinas are 'Firepower,' 'Harbour Dwarf,' 'Gulf Stream,' Harbour Belle, and a new gold-leafed one called 'Lemon Lime.

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