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Modern Wood Kitchens | Houzz

Kitchens are spaces that represent the tastes and needs of each owner. The space, style, trends and functionality need to be adapted to the owner's needs. One of the materials that can be found in almost any kitchen is wood!

It is excellent quality and gives texture and tone to the environment. It is also suits any style, especially modern designs!

Whether its for the furniture, the cabinets, the floors or the ceiling beams, wood can become the main material for this part of the home. To prove it you, we've put together 20 spectacular wooden kitchens. Keep a special class 6 maths chapter 10 question answer us out for number 10! In this kitchen, wooden panels have been used across the ceiling and for the cabinets and cupboards.

It generates a very warm atmosphere without overwhelming it. Although the furniture in this kitchen is simple, a rustic style seeps in. This is a wonderful combination of styles. For the more traditional, light wood can be used to introduce a more conservative look and feel. Simple can be the most effective. Thanks to its beauty and resistance, wood is a material that steals the. If you have a Wooden Kitchen Table Square 3d kitchen island, even better! The light wood brightens and gives a sophisticated look and feel to this environment.

If your kitchen is small, use light wood with white tones. Woodden makes this kitchen so impressive is how class 6 maths chapter 10 question answer us wooden tones work in harmony with the white finishes. Once again we can see how well these colours work. Changing the colour and texture of the wood is easy and it can change the whole style of the kitchen! Combine dark wood with white finishes for a stark contrast.

This is a different and unusual environment where industrial style works with wooden finishes. You can really create a personalised cooking area! Sometimes exposed structures are a hindrance, but if they are designed correctly they can enhance the entire space.

Don't you kltchen these wooden ceiling beams? A dining room made with wood is a wonderful addition to a kitchen, highlighting the beauty and warmth of the space. This modern kitchen features laminate floors jodernise marbled wooden cabinets and counters, mixing texture and tone. This breakfast bar introduces wooden into the environment, adding to the eclectic style of the kitchen. Don't you love the funky wooden seats?

Wood can be used with ceramic tiles to create a balance between vintage and modern, like we see. The white tones in this kitchen represent purity, freshness and luminosity. It also makes the kitchen seem that much more spacious. Natural streaks and variations in the wood modernise wooden kitchen 03 give this space a very organic and unique look and feel. You can also opt for laminates or cheaper coatings, which mimic the attractiveness of wood. Use wood for shelves or cupboards mdoernise the wall.

It is easy to customize and can make for a very warm and modern space. Continuous coatings, whether horizontal or vertical, mdernise a sense of elegance and good taste. Here we can see class 6 maths chapter 10 question Wooden Kitchen Prep Table Company answer us it creates a very uniform look and feel. We have to show you this last kitchen, which accentuates warmth and a natural look and feel. If you are a nature lover, this wooden design is a must! Also class 6 maths chapter 10 question answer us a look at these tips for integrating wooden elements into your home.

Loading admin actions �. Wood. Modernised rustic style. Light wood. Studio Architettura Carlo Ceresoli. Ideal for a kitchen island design. Kuche Haus. Light wood for light stoves. Modern and striking. Trewin Design Architects. Combined with black, this is a very masculine and elegant design. Dark and deep. Arturo Campos Arquitectos.

Perfect for furniture. GarDu Arquitectos. Wood is also a wonderful material for kitchen furniture, creating a charming environment. With character. Beams and columns: class 6 maths chapter 10 question answer us as a structure. For the dining kitcgen.

Bright and beautiful. With key elements. Elena Arsentyeva. Modern and vintage. Diego Alonso designs. White and shiny. Natural looking. Stylish storage.

Artichok Design. Continuous walls. Simple but elegant. Kwint architecten. Wood also works in a minimalist environment, as woodeh can see here! Extra bonus! LGZ Taller de arquitectura. Add SEO element.

Stainless steel undermount sink. My Lottery Dream Home 7pm 6c. Photo: Argos Home. Fixer to Fabulous 2pm 1c. A clean, modern kitchen remodel mixing warm wood with sleek white gloss cabinets and stainless steel. Because of the prominence of this wall, it was given added visual impact by being clad in rich oak shiplap.


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