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The wood slab kitchen bar counter acts as an artifact within this minimalistic kitchen. Kitchen - eclectic u-shaped kitchen idea in San Francisco with a double-bowl sink, flat-panel cabinets, white cabinets, wood countertops and white countertops THIS is what we would like in a mantel - aby_ryan. Save Photo. Seaside whimsy in Centerville, MA.� For optimum storage (and a dash of style) we built a number of large larders, one of which cleverly conceals a television, as well as a false chimney surround to frame the Aga and a bespoke drinks unit. All the units are hand-crafted from Quebec Yellow Timber and hand-painted in Zoffany �Smoke� and �Elephant Gray� Walnut worktops, with Silestone �Lagoon� Worktops around the outside and American Black Walnut on the island. Find the best kitchen worktops for your space with our expert guide. From practical laminate to stylish solid wood, marble and more options, we can help you consider all the best countertops available.� Best kitchen worktops: how to choose the right material for your kitchen counters. Find the best kitchen worktops for your space with our expert guide. From practical laminate to stylish solid wood, marble and more options, we can help you consider all the best countertops available. Sign up to our newsletter Newsletter. (Image credit: Neptune). By Lucy Searle TZ. Finding the best kitchen worktops is something you should think about early on in a kitchen redesign. We have wooden and marble-effect laminate worktops as well as modern gloss and matte finish options. Perfect for tailoring your kitchen worktop ideas to your taste. Laminate is exceptionally durable and scratch-resistant, so you won�t need to worry about everyday wear and tear when you choose this option. It�s also much less expensive than a hardwood or stone alternative. So you can enjoy the look and feel of a luxury kitchen at a fraction of the cost.� Named for its charcoal appearance, the Anthracite laminate worktop is a deep grey with a super matt finish, ideal for a contemporary kitchen where sleek lines make a minimalist statement. Available on a 22mm thickness, this thin laminate worktop creates Read more. Engineered American Black Walnut Worktop Hard Wax Oil.

The workhorse of any kitchen, worktops need to be tough and practical to use, as well as stylish. While cabinetry will be the main style decision you make for your kitchen, never underestimate the impact your worktop choice will have on the overall scheme. More food for thought: Kitchen splashback ideas to keep kitchen walls protected in style. Worktop materials have changed quite radically in the last few years, offering a vast choice across all budgets.

Technology has given us super tough materials that are virtually indestructible options for the busiest of family homes. Meanwhile, the trend for open-plan layouts and living room style in kitchens has led to the introduction of luxe materials for those able to provide them a little tlc. Worktops are available at a variety of price points � from cheaper laminates to expensive granites � and what you choose usually be driven by how much you have to spend.

Cheaper options can be good idea but may not last as long more durable stones or composites. If budgets are tight, try mixing and matching your worktops. Place panels of more expensive stone in harder working areas such as by the cooker or sink and wood or laminate everywhere. Combining worktops is on trend, too, so your kitchen will look very up-to-date.

If this has already decided, it can give you a good steer towards what worktop might be best. Straight runs are cheaper and easier to fit, while seamless materials such as composites make sense if you have lots of corners. Want more kitchen layout inspiration? Read Kitchen layouts � everything you need to know.

Usually stone composites, granite and some woods will need templating by an expert. Drainer grooves cut into stone by the sink will also cost extra. The depth of worktop you choose can also alter the look of a kitchen. Thinner profiles of 10 or 20mm are still popular but thicker edges, created by adding a strip of the composite or stone to the front of the worksurface creating edges of 50mm, are also having a resurgence.

The most popular materials for kitchen worktops � laminate, granite, solid wood, Quartz, glass, composite stone and stainless steel � have different advantages. Worktops are available at a variety of price points, a major factor when it comes to decision making for most households. From cheaper laminates to expensive granites, what you choose is often be driven by how much you have to spend.

Try opting for a quality look-alike instead. Pre-cut laminate worktops still provide gorgeous surface design and durability without the hefty price tag. What is a hardwood worktop? Popular choices of hardwood include oak, walnut and iroko. Best used Food preparation and dining areas, for example, islands and breakfast bars. Iroko and teak are ideal for using around the sink as they have a high oil content and are water resistant.

Best look Suits all kitchen styles. Can be incorporated into a contemporary scheme using glass or stainless steel to add a warm feel. How durable is a wood worktop? Flexibility and fitting Wood is very easy to cut, and is suitable for use in most situations. Do hardwoods require any initial treatments? Hardwoods require an initial programme of sealing using oil. Apply a coat once a day for the first week, then once a week for the next month, then once a month for a year.

How do I look after a wood worktop? Wood does need a certain amount of upkeep. Avoid direct exposure to heat and prolonged soaking, especially by the sink and tap area, where you may prefer to install a wall-mounted tap. Wipe up spills instantly to prevent staining.

Once established, seal with Danish or linseed oil quarterly to stop drying out. The great news is that any scratches or stains can be sanded out to restore your worktops to their original glory. An inset sink with a built-in drainer will help protect the time from contact with water. Never put a hot pan or tray directly onto a wooden worktop � always use a trivet. Clean your surface with warm water, washing-up liquid and a soft cloth is all you need.

Avoid using any abrasive and chemical-filled cleaning products and wire scouring pads. What is a composite worktop? Best used A very practical and beautiful choice that can be used anywhere, including next to hobs and around the sink. Best look Dramatic colours such as dark grey and blue look fabulous in modern and contemporary kitchens. If your room design is quite traditional, stick to neutrals such as cream.

How durable is a composite worktop? Composite is very tough and more durable than many natural stones. As the colour runs right the way through the material, any scratches can be sanded out.

In the very unlikely case that your composite surface is scratched, chipped or stained it can often be repaired by a specialist. However, it is easier to achieve perfect restoration with acrylic composites as scratches can be sanded out, while quartz is more likely to be filled and any polishing can leave a dull area. Flexibility and fitting This worksurface can be thermoformed into different shapes without joints to create streamlined, seamless worktop runs.

Fabrication is done by specialists and usually arranged by your kitchen supplier. Templates will be taken once the base units are in place and it can be one to two weeks before the worktops are ready to install.

How do I look after a composite worktop? Wipe up spills to prevent marks. Keep clean with a soft, damp cloth and a mild detergent. What is a granite worktop? For some, nothing beats the beauty of natural stone, its veining and colouring unique to each slab. Marbles are classically beautiful and luxurious, tend to be rarer and therefore more expensive.

Best used Any area of the kitchen, including around the sink and next to the hob or oven. A large expanse of glossy granite makes a striking island worktop. Choose from a classic polished finish, or a honed matt for a more contemporary look. Granite is hard and resistant to heat and scratches, but it must be treated with respect to prevent damage.

The best of all the natural materials, it can withstand high temperatures, is water resistant and impervious to most stains, but wine and citric acids must be cleaned up at once to avoid damaging the stone. Flexibility and fitting With advances in modern technology, granite can be cut into a variety of shapes and sizes, although it is very heavy to transport and difficult to manoeuvre.

Does granite require any initial treatment? Granite requires an initial sealing, and then another about 10 years later. How do I look after a granite worktop? You can clean it using a damp cloth and a mild detergent.

What is a laminate worktop? Long-considered the best budget option, laminates are non-porous, offer easy maintenance and come in lots of design and colour choices.

Made by fusing multiple layers of impregnated paper under high pressure temperature, bonded to a substrate, they are resistant to impact, scratching and moisture. Best used General usage, including food preparation areas, sink runs and around hobs and cookers. Best look Can accurately mimic other worktop materials, including granite, slate and wood, so will suit modern and traditional schemes. How durable is a laminate worktop? Resistant to most stains and chemicals, but not to heat or steam.

Not suitable as a cutting surface. Choose a thicker, high-pressure worktop for greater durability. Flexibility and fitting Laminate is one of the few materials that can be cut and fitted by a DIY enthusiast rather than a kitchen professional. How do I look after a laminate worktop? Laminate is very low maintenance. Clean with a cloth and mild detergent. What is a glass worktop? Glass has long been a favourite with interior designers for the light touch it brings to a scheme as well as its reflective sheen that really helps boost light levels.

Glass is a non-porous material that can withstand moisture and spills and splashes are easily wiped clean, making it a beautiful � and practical � solution for the kitchen. Best used Around the sink or for focal-point breakfast bars. As it is a very reflective surface it is useful as a feature worktop in small kitchens to increase the feeling of space.

Best look Best used with contemporary schemes. Looks out of place in country kitchens. Can be lit from below to create an atmospheric focus. How durable is a glass worktop? Glass for work surfaces is toughened to increase durability. Heat, acid and water resistant. Can be prone to scratches, but these can be polished smooth.

Flexibility and fitting Worktops can be cut to most shapes and can include cut outs for hobs and sinks.

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