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PLANK BENDER / WOOD BENDING TOOL FOR MODEL BOAT / SHIP BUILDING EXPO | eBay builder to successfully overcome what is sometimes a difficult part of the model building process. 2 1. Keels: Figure1: This drawing shows the basic false keels of a plank on bulkhead (POB) ships. These are the most common types of false keels that come with kits. The upper one is a typical. Feb 10, �� I also bought from Model Expo an electric plank bender. Between the wet plank and the heat from the iron using the shaping jig that comes with the bender it makes for fairly quick and accurate bending of the planking. Hope that is a help to some of the newer members of the ship building . The wooden model ship kit contains double plank-on bulkhead construction, 10 inch mortar, four 18 pounder carronades, CNC cut walnut parts, and black hemp meant for rigging. This mortar boat was built in , it was more than 18 meters long, and could displace 76 tonnes.

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Chapman designed this Dutch pleasure boat, and it was commonly used for fishing in the 18th century. Read more historical info. It was named by George Washington and the fittings were put together by Paul Revere. This tall ship was most famously used in the War of and the Civil War. Mantua Royal Caroline Top Pick. Comprehensive instructions included, 7 sheets of plans.

Double plank on frame construction. Wooden parts are cut impeccably. Photo etched brass and gilded cast metal. High quality fittings. It was used for voyages by several members of the royal family through the years. It was also used in the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars for fleet reviews. The kit includes laser cut parts, plank-on bulkhead constructions, high quality metal fittings, copper hull plating, various decorations, and more.

Caldercraft HM Yacht Chatham. Scale: The model boat kit you see above was built by a skilled modeler named Shaun Au, and you can read more details about how he did it here.

Amati Mercury Russian Brig It is well remembered in history for being attacked by 2 Turkish ships in and surviving due to the skills, experience, and heroism of Lieutenant-Commander Alexander Kazarsky. Caldercraft HM Mortar Vessel. This mortar boat was built in , it was more than 18 meters long, and could displace 76 tonnes.

Mantua HMS Jamaica. Scale: Length: 24 inches, Height: 8 inches This ship was built in Bermuda in Its purpose was to be a cruiser for the West Indian trade companies. Scale: Length: Length Mantua San Felipe Also Great. When this historic ship went down in , it had several tons of gold aboard. Frequently Asked Questions. Even with all this Read all the tutorials on this website and pick and chose the techniques that suit you.

The best advise I got from a member is: treat each plank as if it is its own model. Each one has its own bend, taper and twist. Many thanks again everybody. I have read loads and tried lots but I will try a kettle or steamer and let you know how I get on.

It has been suggested to me that it may just be the particular wood Model Ship Building How To Fly I have got which could be right. I haven't had this problem before but I haven't had anything quite so thick to bend round such acute angles.

Try using some birch Free Model Ship Building Plans University hardwood planks. Soak them for about a half hour, clamp in place and leave it to dry or use Mama's blow dryer. It will stay in the position you set it in. After you soak it in water for a while, you can probably tie it in a knot. Try making the jig yourself, it's not hard.

A piece of wood and some nails in holes is all it takes. Make a lot of holes and put the nails where you need them.

Haven't had time to do my homework today - sorry teachers! I will try harder tomorrow. Funny really, I l always used to say that!

Hi all, just though I would let you know that I have tried some of your solutions. I appreciate the jig bit but big bends are easy just with some round objects and a bit of weight. For the horrible small bends I am finding that, with the lime wood I give them a really long soak and then bending carefully with hands and thumb nails is working better than a manual plank bender.

The problem really with the small bits is that you can't put Model Ship Building Plans 2021 them in a jig so it seems some of them either need overbending so that when they relax they are about right or having a couple of goes at them until the bend is right. All the above is great advice for your query. The only part of your question which hasn't been addressed is:. For myself, at least, I have found that you cannot soak for too long. The wood will only take up so much water. As a slooooow modeller, I sometimes leave my planks soaking for days on end before using them.

Then, when I am ready, I'll select a single plank, quickly wipe it down, then bend using some of the methods listed above. Sometimes, if a plank is not fitting precisely, I'll pop it back in the soaking tub again for a day or so, then re-do the bend.

My preferred method is to clamp the newly bent plank into position on my model and allow it to dry completely before fixing it in place. No matter what general method you use to pre-bend a plank. Clamping it the exact spot you want to glue it while it's still wet, will give you a nearly net shaped plank for easy gluing. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. If you enjoy building ship models that are historically accurate as well as beautiful, then The Nautical Research Guild NRG is just right for you.

We provide support to our members in their efforts to raise the quality of their model ships. The pages of the Journal are full of articles by accomplished ship modelers who show you how they create those exquisite details on their models, and by maritime historians who show you the correct details to build.

The Journal is available in both print and digital editions. Go to the NRG web site www. Building, Framing, Planking and plating a ships hull and deck. Soaking, bending, gluing planks. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Posted February 27, Doing my first ever hull planking. Shenandoah by Corel. For planks that need bending: A how long should I soak them in water?

C after bending I assume the board must dry thoroughly or else glue will not stick? Many thanks, Andy. Link to post Share on other sites. David B. Mike Dowling Posted March 25, Posted March 25, Mike, I feel your pain!

WackoWolf Like Loading Mike, Do a search on "curling iron". I bet you could rig up something like the jig I have on your own Highland Scotland Thanks very much all, I'll do some more homework tomorrow.

Greetings Andy, In my opinion, forget the jigs and other stuff they sell in hobby stores to bend planks.

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