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Description. Timber tapering strip clamp and hull holder. This special tool from Mantua performs like a vice except that the jaws can be adjusted to clamp on an angle (to accommodate tapered items such as spars). A quick release lever speeds the re-clamping process once the jaws are initially adjusted. Designed to be clamped on the edge of a workbench, the Strip Clamp can also be mounted on a �lap . Model Boat Tools: Building Cradles & Keel Clamps. Amati Keel Clamp. Price: ? (Including VAT) Part No: A Quantity: Artesania Latina Modeling Workstation Occre HMS Beagle Scale Model Ship Kit Basic Without Sails. ? Vallejo Model Color Dark Yellow 17ml. ? WBC Riviera Motor Boat Kit mm. ? Vallejo Model. Jan 09, �� My first build was designed like that, where the keel was glued on after the planking. I did not use a build board, or any sort of keel clamp for the build, I just used regular clamps that would hold up the model as 'feet'. I may have had a lot of luck in keeping the keel straight, because I didn't know anything about it!
This covers the construction of the Keel and bulkheads. This is a video log of my construction process using the College of Model Ship Building practicum. Model Ship Builder:: Forums:: Reference Material:: Modeling Tools. >. Mini Keel Clamp for under $ Moderators: Winston, aew. Author.� Greetings, this is a small keel vise that can be built from a few scraps. I had found Model Ship Building Keel Clamp 50ml a similar one on another forum, but that one could only be rotated on one axis and was for larger ships. I have only been building ships for bottles but it could be modified to accommodate larger keels. I modified it so it could be rotated on all three axis. If you are interested in making one for yourself just pm me and I will send you the steps and material list. I purchased it as a keel clamp but it can also be used to hold anything requiring two holding points. Since purchasing the clamp has been it constant use and has proven to be excellent value. X. ���������� �����������.� The clamp is not suitable for all hull shapes ie keeled boats. X. ���������� �����������.

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