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Wooden Boat Kits. For those of you who are more experienced kit builders, Smit Rotterdam model boat kit is a great choice. This model ship kit is built with bulb stern nozzle and the onboard equipment includes a very modern for component for navigation, steering and radio communication. Another possibility for a more advanced kit builder is the HMS Bounty model ship kit with laser cut parts. Purchasing a boat model kit . The boat model you see above took the modeler �hundreds of hours� to build, and you can read more about his story here. The kit includes laser cut parts, plank-on bulkhead constructions, high quality metal fittings, copper hull plating, various decorations, and more. Storer Quick Canoe Kit � a simple canoe kit that performs well and can be built in a few weekends.. Quick Canoe Electric Kit � A light cargo canoe kit for efficient speed with a trolling motor. Boat Kits for Ross Miller SOF Designs. Egret Skin on Frame Kayak Kit � Greenland style kayak is fast and an easy and cheap build. Trout Lily Skin on Frame Kayak Kit � at 11ft and 32lbs a lovely.
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Our easy and friendly online store makes purchasing sailing boat models, tall ship building kits and wooden yacht model kits easy and convenient. To make your shopping easier, we have classified our kits according to the manufacturer and level of difficulty Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Kits can be shipped out to you worldwide. Please see our customer testimonials for all those satisfied customers who have purchased from us from 81 countries around the world so far and counting. At Premier Ship Models, we cater to the unique preferences of every collector. We offer a large selection of ready-made ship models and model ship kits for those who prefer to build their own models. If you find building models relaxing or relish the satisfaction of building something with your own hands, we offer intricate boat and ship models that you would be proud to display in your home.

At Premier Ship Models, we have an expansive selection that includes more than wooden model boat kits. We feature model kits from the best known brands in the industry. We showcase only the best products with the best quality woods and materials to ensure a pleasant experience for novice and experienced model builders alike. Choose ship kits from Artesania, Aeronaut, Billings, Amati, Mantua, and other well-known and respected brands. Do you love a certain type of ship or time period in military or nautical history?

Our inventory includes ship model kits of classic, historic, and modern ships. You will find model kits for all types of vessels, including tall ships, wooden yachts, historical ships, sail boats, scale model boat kits, and more.

Whether you are looking for a model from a specific time period, type of ship, or modern boats, you will find it here. Always select a model that is appropriate for the level of skill and experience of the person building it.

A kit that is too easy or too difficult will detract from the enjoyment of the activity. We have model sailboat kits for every level of difficulty to satisfy beginners as well as more advanced hobbyists. Read the product description of each kit to learn more about each ship, including the materials included in the kit, photographs, and level of difficulty to make sure that the ship is right for you. Some model boat enthusiasts take the hobby to the next level with radio controlled boats.

We offer prebuilt models and RC boat kits for large RC boats, scale boats, gas powered boats, PC hull boats, race and speed boats. RC boat models are used for recreation or competitive racing, depending on the interests of the individual. Browse through our website to find wooden model ships, sailboats, historic ships, and modern ship model kits that are suited for beginner, intermediate, and advanced model building.

We offer fast order processing and worldwide shipping. Worldwide Delivery Available. Products search. Shop By Difficulty Level. Beginner's Kit. First Name. Last Name. Here at Modelers Central we are passionate about the world of wooden model ship kits and model boat kits. We also have DVDs practicums to provide more information and practical assistance to our modelers. We have an extensive range of products that will satisfy all your modeling needs.

As specialists suppliers we are able to bring you the latest products available.

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