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TUNNEL MITE is a compact replica of those exciting competition racing boats cleaning up the "silverware" on the world's racing circuit. The high speed hull rides as if . Jun 29, �� Just a ride with my friend pete. Had some fun today before the thunder storms. 6/29/19 Narrow River Rhode Island. I�m still messing with weight and balance. MiniJet presents you with new boat designs capable of going places where no one has ever been before. We are now building turn-key packages, hulls, kitsets, intakes and anything else you require. With great customer service and affordable prices, MiniJet constructs custom PWC-powered mini jet boats that meet our clients' individual needs.

My plans have been purchased by amateur and pro builders around the world. Full-size patterns provided for the asymetrical Amas If you love cruising trimarans, you need to build one of these! G3 Tunnel Hull Jet Boats. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Returns Accepted.


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