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Going upstream, Distance = (Rate)(Time), so 16 = (B-C)(2) Going downstream, Speed Upstream And Downstream 12 Distance = (Rate)(Time), so 36 = (B+C)(3) Now we'll solve the Upstream Downstream Word Problems Worksheet Answers system of equations: 16 = 2(B-C) 36 = 3(B+C) If we divide both sides of the first equation by 2, it will become 8 = B-C. If we divide both sides of the second equation by 3, it will become 12 = B+C. UPSTREAM and DOWNSTREAMMeaning of Upstream and Downstream in MathSolving Word Problems about Upstream and Downstream. We are going to discuss the word problems based on upstream downstream concept.A boat goes 12 km upstream and 40 km downstream in 8 hours. It can go 16 km up.

In this type, you have to form linear equations based on conditions given. Find math upstream downstream problems variance rate of the stream. Find the speed of the boat in still water. Also, he can row 20 km upstream downstteam 15 km downstream in 9 hours. You have to convert this to hours and apply in above equation. We have received your request successfully.

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