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Learn how to keep food in a cooler and how long ice will last in a cooler. Have great meals when you are camping or boating with only an ice box or cooler! The inside of your cooler has never looked well, cooler. Turn a basic curtain into a beautiful roman shade in just a few simple steps!

I can sew, but I am by no means a Update your furniture hardware, inexpensively! Watch out for these frustrating problems encountered by people who painted their RV walls and cabinets. EVA Foam. Elastic, not easy deformation, with manitou fishing pontoon boat rack tensile elongation. I am not talking aluminum boats for sale vancouver island education curfews or anything [�].

As I said last week, I have been lucky enough to score a few weeks off this summer while I am between jobs. Want to know what it looks like to live inside a 41ft sailboat? Here is a picture-post to show you just what our workaboard sailboat is [�]. Here's how to clean a boat water tank.

If your fresh water smells, looks funny or perhaps your tank hasn't been cleaned in a while, here's how to clean it. Make your boat cabin feel more like home with curtains! This DIY video will walk you through the steps to sew and install your own cabin curtains. Tutorial paso a paso de como hacer una cortina para riel, con fotos explicativas de cada uno de los pasos.

In this series of highly practical, step-by-step photographic manuals, Upgrading Your Boat'sInterior shows boatowners how to improve their boat's living space in terms of comfort, functionality and convenience. After just a few years, cabins can all too often look tired, outdated and in desperate need of renovation. But it needn't cost the earth or even require the skills of an expert to revamp. This book will help owners manitou fishing pontoon boat rack regain a little of that 'new-boat' feeling, including:- How to�.

Storage Unit Details. My Cart. See for yourself. Choose any model in our lineup and build it to your style and specifications with your desired accessories. Full Installation Instructions. Skip to content Bringing the boat show to you Our interactive boat show page will help you discover why Manitou is the perfect pontoon for you.

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