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������� � ���� ������ Lineage 2 Aug 24, �� i love fishing really i have like m ugly fish right now and mostly buy 3k r99 bait and was get around powerful fish, mostly get a little profit with elcyum powder. Othell + Fancy Rod R99 Bait Ugly Fish= (Exp=80,,+26,, | SP=40,+13,) Nimble Fish=28(Exp=98, 13 rows�� Lineage Fishing Guide First off, to start fishing you need to locate the Fishermen's Guild. Jan 21, �� Fishing time in Lineage 2 Classic! 4Game EU. Follow. Jan 21, Chef Monkey�s Bait significantly decreases fishing time (20 seconds) compared to regular bait ( seconds).
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KissMyKnife 96 Posted August 23, Posted August 23, edited. Will come back after 3 day 10k bait for compare the rate what i get in 10k bait that m Edited August 23, by KissMyKnife. Link to post Share on other sites. Argus Posted August 23, Edited August 23, by Fishing Bait In Spanish Argus.

Skelis 0 Posted August 23, Posted August 23, L2 Database. News Game announcements Lineage 2 Classic. Lineage 2 Events Classic Events. Lineage 2 Forums Classic Forums. Recent changes Recent changes Lineage 2 Encyclopaedia Fishing.

Lineage 2. Jump to: navigation , search. Category : Items. COM about Lineage 2 with love info l2central. Sections L Game Wallpapers Show game data on your site. About us Mission History What it's all for? Sturdy Fishing Rod. Master Fishing Fishing Bait Yabbies Rod Lv. Sturdy Fishing Rod � 1 pcs. Santiago's Reel Fragment � 10 pcs. You probably also want to hotkey your main weapon and some damage dealing skills for when you fish up a monster.

Stand on the shoreline and face the deep water. Then you use the 'Fishing' Skill and your character will start to fish. You'll see a new window popup that shows your bobber. Now whats left to do is to catch a fish with the Reeling and Pumping skill. There are a few ways to notice what skill to use. One of them is to look at the motion of the bobber but this is a tricky way. However, if you use the wrong skill, the fish will instead gain that same amount of HP.

If you can get the fish's HP to 0 before the time runs out, you get the fish. That's about all there is to it. It goes quite fast to learn to fish, maybe an hour or two and you will find it very easy. The fish and monsters are totally dependent on your skill and character levels. Any deep water will do. When you kill it it seems to always drop something, either shots or the lure you used to fish it up :.

But you need to Fishing Bait Packaging be ready to attack it, they can come any time when you fish up a fish. The monster that spawns seems to depend on your character level; they seem to be green to yellow.

The items you obtain are mainly mats for common crafting. But you can also get common crafting recipes, key items, Proof of Catching a Fish, and monsters. When you get a fish you can double click it to "open" it. Most of the time you'll get Fishing Bait Liquids common craft materials, which can either be used in a common craft recipe or traded for POCF at the fishing NPC.

Green Fishes!!! Jade Fish!!! Blue Fishes!!! Yellow Fishes!!! Orange Fishes!!! Purple Fishes!!! Red Fishes!!! White Fishes!!! It works almost identicaly to the dwarven craft skill.

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