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Jun 19, �� It can be a little jarring to see a late '80s model inboard going for the same price as a late '90s I/O runabout. However, these boats hold their value for a reason -- they are a solid investment. Boat manufacturers like Mastercraft, Ski Nautique and Supra have been building their reputations for decades, and they are coveted because they are made well and mechanically myboat326 boatplansted Reading Time: 4 mins. A composite boat with easy handling, the 13 JV SS can handle three occupants and maxes out at 30 Expensive Model Boats Guides HP. Each JV-series boat is either Center Console or Tiller Handle, which gives you options, but the wood-free design means your boat will last for years. Plus, the shallow Vee keeps your ride dry and makes the boat easier to maneuver. Jan 16, �� The SCB is surprisingly fuel-efficient Rc Model Pilot Boats Group boat, a feature that stems in part from her relatively light weight. Cummins hp diesels cruise at 16�18 knots. Best Feature: An affordable price � this is what brokers call a lot of boat Center For Wooden Boats Sailing Lessons Nj for the money. Price Spread: From about $K for an older model up to $K-plus for �02 model. 8.

Top 10 Choices for Boaters. Best Feature: The large cockpit and party-time flybridge � great attributes for entertaining. Resin infusion and wet pregs are expesive less expensive boats 90s ways to achieve high fiber-to-resin ratios. Note the triple helm seat on the flybridge. The engine room is a tight fit. What Hull Shape is Best?

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