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LED Flounder Gigging Lights for Boats We specialize in Affordable, Custom Made Flounder Gigs and Flounder Gigging Lights Click here to see more PHOTOS showing how well they work! Available as 50w ( LM) 12volt DC. AlumiGlo offers a dynamic line of LED flounder lights that can be used for a wide variety of applications both above and below the water. Our high-intensity LED gigging lights feature aluminum and powder-coated housings, meaning they will not rust or corrode in even the harshest saltwater environments. FLOUNDER GIGGING LIGHTS. Gator-Tough Pro Flounder Gigger Series�Gator-Tough� Pro Flounder Gigger Series 1: come in 2 feet long by 2 inches wide and have - 5 rows of Our Super bright WHITE LED's, 12v saltwater w/10 ft heavy duty power cord & alligator myboat036 boatplans Luminous Flux 84, = 90,LM. Gator-Tough� Pro Flounder Gigger Series 2: come in 4 feet long by 2 inches wide and .

If you plan on a 26 watt CFL on AC that is the equivalent of a watt incandescent light bulb here led flounder lights for boats noise how the math would work out:. The way my friends boat is set up is with halogen lights powered by a generator. This led flounder lights for boats noise considered our ofr wiring" feature. If you need more, contact us first to discuss and we can loghts make each light with specific wire lengths that you require. To learn how to make your own handheld LED flounder gigging light setup Underwater Led Lights For Boats Nz Zoom for wading and walking, we've taken the time to provide you a 5 step easy process with photos from our flounxer. It is commonly used in tight spaces, on flounder gig poles for wading and gigging, on above water light setups, and on smaller flounder boats.

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