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RC Scaling for the big boys with giant scale RC Boats! Giant scale RC boats have caught on in a very big way in the world of RC Hobby vehicles. With their gargantuan proportions, these are one set of RC vehicles that you just cannot afford to miss noticing, in what is easily a huge universe of RC vehicles. Some model boat enthusiasts take the hobby to the next level with radio controlled boats. We offer prebuilt models and RC boat kits for large RC boats, scale boats, gas powered boats, PC hull boats, race and speed boats. RC boat models are used for recreation or competitive racing, depending on the interests of the individual. Most Harbor Models' kits are large and kings of the water. With ships like the Invader and Mr Dardy which can pull up to lbs these kits are extremely powerful. All Harbor Models' kits are considered "semi-kits". "Semi-kit" means all parts are supplied to create a static model.
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