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Description. Basic Keelboat (ASA ) is taught by ASA-certified instructors at Pepin Marina on Lake Pepin aboard a 31' keelboat. Northern Breezes Sailing School offers you a terrific Boat Sailing Drone Limited Learn-to-Sail program with the combination of the finest Keelboat Sailing Lessons School school and a superb Hunter cabin sailboat located on scenic Lake Pepin in Pepin, WI. ASA - Basic Keelboat Sailing Practice Test Write the term defined 1. Knot used to tie a line to a piling. When you fall off slightly from a run you are sailing a _____. A _____ is the Us Sailing Yacht Builders 03 on deck fitting which changes the angle of a line. A white and red vertically stripped buoy is a _____. The stopper knot for the cockpit end File Size: KB. SAILING is designed to provide the new sailors with a realistic evaluation of their abilities and a practical timeline for becoming a competent sailor. Recommended before the 16 hour Basic Keelboat Sailing Sailing Boat Silhouette Price course. 1 hour sail per student. $65/per individual (course will have students) $/pair package (2 students sign up together) Book Now.

Member Login. Become an ASA School. Come Prepared You are required to purchase and review the course materials prior to your arrival. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on 56 website. Contact us for more details. Last sail 2 hours before sunset. A comprehensive instructor-led review will be conducted prior keelboat sailing 101 65 examination.

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