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Whether you hit the water with fishing or a heavy-duty task in mind, this is the boat to answer. Get more done with the CR Jon boat from Crestliner. Utilize smart storage solutions with a spacious flip top jon boat manufacturers welded analysis center seat gravity fed livewell. With thick high-quality aluminum and all-welded strength, every Crestliner hull is ready to withstand the harshest of waters and the worst weather conditions.

With the strongest hulls on the water, Crestliner employs handcrafted, continuously welded seams for unbeatable strength, durability and a watertight fit. This ensures structural integrity that feels as jon boat manufacturers welded analysis and stable as it does smooth, while meeting or exceeding Coast Guard flotation regulations.

Crestliner Aluminum Fishing Boats. Forged with Strength. Defined by Durability. Raptor Tournament Ready Fishing 17' 8"' 11" Length. Explore Multispecies. Request A Catalog. Contact Dealer View Details. Transom Handles For easy mobility to and from the water. Center Seat with Gravity Fed Livewell Utilize smart storage solutions with a spacious flip top and center seat gravity fed livewell.

Learn More. View Details. Multispecies Boats Kodiak Configurations.


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An all-welded Roughneck aluminum jon boat is designed for the best combination of at-rest stability and dry, smooth-running capability in skinny water. Hand applied Mossy Oak´┐Ż camo patterns take duck hunting to the next level. All Weld Jon Series TOUGH IT OUT. These ultra-tough aluminum jon boats can handle just about any job on the water. Designed for shallow water fishing, as well as duck and goose hunting, they are maneuverable and easy to transport. For work and play, this series has it all. We sell riveted and welded aluminum, HDPE and Ram-X Jon Boats. The represented Jon Boat manufacturers are Pelican, Coleman, KL Industries, Waco and Weld-Craft. We sell flat bottom Jon Boats in both modified_V and standard flat bow. Jon boats .

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