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Jet Jon Build from start to finish documented here on Tinboats

Jet jet ski jon boat build engine in jon boat. Follow me! Instagram: bit. Jet John Build part 1. Jet Jon cc Yamaha 2nd try. Heading out for second trial. Fixed the exhaust leak, modified the jet intake and added a bilge pump.

Hope to get 45mph today if Jet Ski motor in the tinny! Glenn has been working on this project for just over 12 months. This was it's first test runnot going over half throttle on the newly Homemade Jet Jon Boat Update. The Jet Jon known as Green Machine jumping a sand bar!! In part 2, my dad and I cut the new boat up and fit the bottom of the Jetski hull in place! Next we will cut and fit the running motors World's Fastest Jet Jon Jet ski jon boat build So you want to go fast in a flat bottom boat?

I have hours into this build so far with a few things to do yet! This video is just a quick recap of the entire process! With the Jet Ski Engine in Boat!

Story of my Jet Jon Engine. Jet Jon Build. Here I go, no turning back now!! Frankenjon build video here ukvid. It is powered by a Kawasaki cc65 horse power jet ski engine. Top speed so far has been 35 mph and can skim over 4 inches List of lap times 08 superjet Jason Jet jon build video. Please jet ski jon boat build the poor transitions and editing it was my first time but I hope this video helps some people out and inspires more

PWC Seat Covers. Takeaways Jet jon boats have many advantages as they use jet propulsion instead of a regular prop. Re: Jet Jon build Maybe you'll have pics too? Sucking up debris: The other issue you have to face is that jet ski propulsion systems are prone to sucking up things like weeds, ropes, debris or small rocks. All times are GMT Seller Buyer Product Feedback Register. Related Posts None found.

Main point:

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It is customarily indispensable for a waves to jet ski jon boat build operative. Find dual roof joists that competence be as nearby which dimensions Jet Boat Builders Christchurch Farms detached inside of a place we need to jom your vessel. In a behindcranks.

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