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I had a request to save moms club, seafood recipe book, online to share with those who have had. Well now that I have put these on here, they all want, ALL of there recipe's online. Well lets start with these.

They kind of go with boating I think. Check out the Seafood Recipes. Clams are awesome fried, in chowder, even dip's. Found this excellent reference for all things Clams.

Check out www. Eager Eve. Sea Hawk. Platform Boat. Banshee class c runabout. Doodle Bug. Dragon Fly. Jet Joe. Sports Hydro. Yellow Jacket. Aqua Racer. Aqua Rod. Aqua Rail. Battle Surf Boards. Budget Houseboat. Flying Fisherman. King Canvasback. Merry Maid. Paddlewheel Boat by Hal Kelly. Paddlewheel Turtle Boat. Paddlewheel Waterbug. Sport Submarine. The Thing. RS Dory. Hand Book Covers. Paddlewheel Peddle Boat.

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All materials should be kept clean from other foreign objects that may be attached to it before welding. Make sure to wipe all the pieces and materials clean before you start. Best to lay all the materials from the kit into their proper places to know where exactly everything should go.

Oil and grease may affect the welding performance. Using a clean stainless steel brush, remove aluminum oxide from all surfaces to avoid oxidation.

This will ensure a long-lasting result on the aluminum materials of your boat. A dashboard jet boat window and other side windows for your DIY jet boat is necessary to make the most out of it. Windows also work to protect your homemade jet boat interiors from getting soaked. We at Peninsula Glass � Motion Windows are experts in customizing marine windows , especially on aluminum jet boats.

We can build you the toughest and long-lasting windows fit for your boating needs. Building with a kit set Purchasing a jet boat kit set is one thing to consider when you want to DIY it at home.

The hull kit Plan what size your mini boat should be. JavaScript is disabled. For Aluminum Boat Building Plans Zip Code a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Thread starter DeVo Start date Oct 15, Toggle sidebar.

We are building two mini jet boats to run in super skinny water up here in Alaska. Access to so many areas with shallow water is normally done with air boats and hovercraft. The mini's are now a high performance option for us up here. Problem is most parts have to be custom built or bought from New Zealand or Canada. New Zealand is way ahead of the mini jet boat game and the states are starting to catch on.

We started this project in the spring and had to take a couple months off this summer. Now we are back at it. Picked up two Honda Aquatrax f15 turbo jet skis and stripped them down. We will use the motor, pump and electronics as a donor for our mini. We bought untested plans from a guy in Canada and ended up scrapping most of it after being cut out and test fitted.

Was a costly mistake. This is our first boat build and are learning a ton and making mistakes along the way. Luckily we know a few boat builders who have helped us out as we go. These will give us access to hunting, fishing and gold mining ground that Pontoon Boat Trailer Building Plans Quiz are otherwise half impossible to get to. My buddy is way ahead of me as I was gone all summer mining but now the build continues.

First two pics here are of guys in Alaska with minis. Last edited: Oct 31, Upvote 0 Downvote. Reactions: slapazz , Bottom Line , sbsurfer and 1 other person. Reactions: Bottom Line , marlyn and gearshifter. Manbat Member. Aug 19, chino hills Name Jon Boat In between. Looks good! Reactions: DeVo. Those NZ guys are awesome! Here is one of my favorite videos from NZ.

That thing turns in a heartbeat!! Awesome build! You sir, have mad skills. Awesome build. Fabricating your toys is great. Wayloncle Jetboaters Captain. Speedling said:. Welcome aboard! I actually have seen someone finish one of these projects. They took an aluminum jon boat and a donor Polaris engine and pump from an old ski.

The easiest way to do this project would be to get a donor engine and pump from a wrecked ski. I do have some pics from when the project was going on I just sent him a message asking if he had any finished pics as I know he has since finished it.

Great idea for a project! And I think that robert 's photos are great. Only thing is that welding the aluminium would give me fits. But I like how they put the angled parts on the bottom to fit the angles of the donor boat. Good idea there. Needs a bigger gas tank Oh, wait. That is for my twin engines Welcome Ricardo van Oudenhoven! Keep us posted on the progress. If anyone has anything else to add please do.

First of all, yes, find yourself a pump. Usually a wrecked ski can be found by looking online and such. I see old waverunners on auction sites but I'd go check out copart site because it is insurance stuff and I have seen the skis with hp engines go for just a few hundred bucks because they are cracked.

Once you have that you need to determine the use of the boat. If you get a hp engine and pump with it you will probably be building a planing boat so there is a bit of planning involved.

I found this online, I was planning on following this but making the bottom flat, kind of like the picture shared by robert What do you guys think? Would this be a smart choice? I believe it's only 41 hp. Or would it be better if I find a complete jet ski?

That boat you posted your own design? If it is, that's excellent! A few pointers from a jet boat perspective however, if I may First, if you look at your drawing you have essentially a triangle section on the bottom. This is your running surface or pad. I don't like that design, and let me explain why. First, if you look at something like the Carolina style boats, you will notice they have something like a 12 degree rise but a V at the bottom where you have a pad.

When they run slightly angled up they end up with the triangle that you show. For example: So if you have a triangle shaped bottom with a pad, you are cutting down on actual running surface and the boat may have a very hard time getting on plane OR, will have a lot of bow steer making any sort of waves very hard to deal with. You were thinking about the jet pump intake needing to be there I assume, which is perfect. However, again, you need more running surface there.

I would think you want to have that section straight for about 16" or mm or so. Another thing you can do to help is to make sure that the pump is as far back as possible, meaning, the intake is right at the back of that boat design, and the pump itself is more or less outside the boat. This would require you to make a bracket of some sort, possibly a swim platform, but would free up some good space inside the boat as well. Below is a picture where he doesn't have a seperate running surface.

See how it's a smooth transition to the sides?

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