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The difference in sizes of the models is j boat rc models kit by the different j boat rc models kit of the full size yachts. The Js were designed to a rule with a specific formula that allowed the designers to change dimensions of the hulls and sail area to arrive at the same answer.

The full size yachts varied in size from about to feet in length and had waterline lengths from about 76 to 87 feet and carried a crew of about 35 professional sailors.

Another eight existing large yachts sailing at the time were converted to J specifications for use as trial horses and as competitors in local yacht club regattas. Drawings for all of the original J yachts and those converted to the J class are available from several museums such as the Mystic Seaport Museum, the Smithsonian and the Herreshoff Maritime Museum.

There are also several companies producing fiberglass hulls for some of the yachts. The hulls that are currently available in fiberglass are Ranger, Endeavour, Shamrock V and Whirlwind. The scratch building of hulls from drawings in either fiberglass or wood is encouraged j boat rc models kit the class.

Masts and spars in extruded aluminum are also available for skippers who wish to Balsa Wood Boat Models Map build their J model. Keep in mind that there will be some scratch building required when you build your J model regardless of whether you begin with a fiberglass hull or want to build a plank on frame model.

The J Class is truly one of the most beautiful class of models in the AMYA reflecting the sailing power and grace of the j boat rc models kit classic yachts of the s. Visit the J Class Site for more detailed history and current state of the fleet! Class Secretary Bob Buckley N. Andrew Dr Kuna, ID jclass[at]rcsailing.

Andrew Dr Kuna, ID

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Please contact your nearest J/Boat dealer for specifics and availability. Several of these models, including the J/22, J/24, J/, and J/, have active J/Class & Owner associations who stand ready to welcome new owners to their ranks. J/Boats has compiled this archived promotional and general spec information for each model for the benefit. Yacht - Model Kits. Looking for Yacht Model Ship Kits & Yacht Model Boat Kits? We have a large range of Yacht model ship kits complete with English instructions and all fittings, making for great yacht model kits. If you are interested in building a ship model kit yacht make sure to have a look at our great range of kits. The J/70 speedster is a fun, fast, stable 22 footer that tows behind a small SUV and can be ramp-launched, rigged and sailed by two people. J/70 sails upwind like a proper keelboat and then simply flies off-the-wind - planing into the double digits in moderate breeze. With 1, boats delivered worldwide, the choice is clear. Learn about J/70 here.

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