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A very very rare Abbate California, more on that in the story. As you may recall we were all invited to visit Glisenti Boats by fellow Woody Boaters Davide and Luca Glisenti, and so we did for sure. In what appears to be an entire trip to lake Como and never seeing one Riva. But man oh man, we have seen some other amazing boats. The standards of excellence on this lake are extremely high and we recommend anyone that needs a boost of how well it can be done, visit.

You see they are living it. Both Luca and Davide are the future of this culture and its fantastic to know that Lake Como has these sorts of guys out there. These boats that Glisenti does are way way over the top, but yet done with a flair that is very tastefully done. Without nails of course. Just a keen eye, very high standards, and drive. The space and set up is perfect and a work of art unto itself, which tells you more about who they are and how they think than any thing else.

So, what are we waiting for, lets take a tour! The gate to the boat yard says it all. This place is clean, and design heaven. The fist thing you notice is how clean it all is, and there is a new building with cobble stone driveway. The cobblestone alone lets you know they are not going to cut corners.

There are two shops, the original one we walked into first. Another very rare Abbatte. These boats are built in a limited one of a kind way with speed and power in mind. Only were ever made. And we got to see two in one day. This one has had a complete reskin, and new everything. The wood shop is very well organized and hospital clean. I know this is a strange photo, but I took it because I have seen this same sort of table at every shop I have been to, and Simple Wooden Boats To Build Valve the only difference is the containers are all in Italian.

Funny how we are all the same in so many ways. Amazing, and love the simple use of wood on the exterior. This is an owners boat and is in for some touch ups.

She looks fast just sitting there. And she will do about 60knots with a Mercruiser engine. Very light and tight construction. With the push of a button this comes out of the seat. Ya, its slick. Attention to detail on custom made parts. Yes, these are made for the boat. Davide is all smiles when he talks about the work they do.

The Glisenti name is very well known for there electrical custom work, so you can imagine the set up on this boat. You can see the reflection on the finish there. Its dead perfect. No screws, nothing. Just sealed together. This is a custom fuel cover.

That wing just lifts up. How cool is that? Luca and Davide, showing the fit of the custom top they built from scratch. Yup all the metal was cut on there machines and custom designed for the boat. I asked if these had a function, yes, they look good was the general translation. We could not agree more. So, thats just the ASSO, model, there was more, not to mention the cool shop.

With very cool portholes throughout to let light in. The building is insulated with 20 inches of insulation so its stays warm in the winter and felt great when we were there. One of the portholes just still in finish mode. Small subltle brand touches through out. Very smart, and shows their pride. No one puts there name on something around this place unless its the best. Over near some windows is an amazing old work bench.

Now the artist in me sees this as much more than just a workbench. Its says we apreciate old world craftsman ship as art. Its are history and we are here to preserve those standards and keep the passion alive.

Oh, yes, that workbench is pure passion and craftsmanship. I love it. Did I mention the Ducati parked next to it? But there it is. Kinda perfect together! This space is amazing. Like a small cathedral of mahoganyness I. This boat is amazing and has been restored to perfection as a sample of the work they can do on restorations.

Abbate is a family owned boat company on Lake Como and they are very deep into racing and custom performance boats. I will provide a link at the end of the story. So you kinda get a loose comparison. The boats are similar but different.

And both companies are still alive and well, which tells you even more about there standards and passion. The interior is amazing. With nice design touches. The seats, still in plastic, are an Italian style interior also used on the Riva Ariston Cadillac, while the dash is pure automotive design. With some very cool vents down the side. Love love the red inside as a subtle and functional design element. So, thats the Abbate.

Oh there is more, but you will have to come over to lake Como and meet the Glisenti Brothers yourself. These guys could find a boat here, restore it, design one and build it. In the market for a VanDam custom boat but would rather have an excuse to visit Lake Como?

Trust me, your wife is going to vote for Italy. See, say, Honey we are going to lake Como. And then come on by and visit and before you know it you are getting a boat made or restored by the Brothers. Did I mention they make a killer little center console. I told you it goes on and on. And of course to keep the tradition alive. People on cell phones. My people. We are beginning to blend in! While Davide works on the top, over there on the right.

I gotta say that Abbate is one insane cool boat. The attention to details is amazing, right down to the multipiece u-jointed steering column. Great story! The picture of the flashlight looked like one I could buy in Walmart for a dollar?

What survey? There should be no surveys at all. Makes no sense. Wow, amazing! One things for sure, when it comes to aesthetic design in boats, cars and motorcycles, the Italians are at the top of the game.


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