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Pontoon Boats. An incredible pontoon boat and an incredible value, the Ultra Series delivers quality and excellence on a budget. Complete, full-featured pontoons, the Ultras are easy to navigate with great creature comforts making it the ideal choice for new pontoon . Pontoon Boats: Godfrey Sweetwater C. One of the great things about pontoon boats is that most models are highly customizable, and you can get them just as simple and inexpensive or as gussied-up as you please. While that may mean foregoing the snazzy wine-chiller or the huge outboard engine to get a more affordable price, it certainly. Affordable pontoon boats from Tahoe offer quality and luxury at a competitive price. Get impeccable construction, modern design, and exciting features on your pontoon boat and cruise the lake in style without breaking the bank. Add to Favorites Added to Favorites. Add to Favorites. GT Cruise $ .

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