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Search the Internet and you boate find boating forum posts asking why the enamel paint they put onexpensive is drying so slowly and still tacky after many days. The posters come from all across North America inexlensive the are using any of the popular marine epoxy from a range of leading vendors.

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Floors, tables, boats, leaks, rot repair. We handle it all! No Sales Tax applied. Epoxy Only Web Google Search. Typical responses suggest things like: amine blush, epoxy is not cured enough, to add Japan Drier or Cobalt Drier to the enamel paint next time. None of these are completely bwy the mark. The problem appears to happen in warm, humid environments with dew points maybe over 50 degrees or so. Amine Blush - many brands of epoxy, especially marine epoxies use a curing agent that will 'blush' during curing in cool, damp situations.

The result is a visible or not visible waxy film on the surface of the epoxy that affects the adhesion of anything applied over it. See our page www. The problem with the enamel paints not drying in not related to amine blush.

Epoxy Not Cured Enough - most epoxies feel hard or dry inexpensive bay boats near me a few hours nead continue to cure and harden for about a week. Generally it is best to infxpensive or topcoat epoxy within a few days of the epoxy application, before the week full cure period has passed.

This way the solvents in the topcoat will combine with the not fully cured epoxy and product some chemical bonding as well as the inexpensive bay boats near me mechanical ms. Again, the problem with enamel paints are not related to epoxy cure times. Japan Drier and Cobalt Drier - are additives often added to enamel paints to speed inxepensive their dry time.

You can find Japan Drier at paint boatz and Cobalt Drier at art stores. The Inexpenwive Drier works faster and better than the Japan Drier, but neither do inexpensive bay boats near me than speed up a little bit the extremely slow drying of enamels over most epoxies.

Our Basic No Blush marine epoxy is very popular with boat owners and folks needed to create or reseal pebble decks around their pools and yards. But like nearly almost all epoxies, our Basic No Blush epoxy contains Nonyl Phenol, a common chemical used in most epoxy curing agent mixtures.

Like us, inexpensive bay boats near me competitors use Nonyl in their formulations. See our Nonyl page. Under some conditions, the presence of Nonyl Phenol can slow or almost stop the drying of traditional alkyd enamel paints - a near crisis when building or restoring a boat and using popular enamel top coat paints.

With the exception of this enamel issue, epoxies are generally considered a Universal Primer under all other top coat products especially 2 part polys. The best fixes for the "enamel crisis" are:.

These products are amazing and do not need to be top coated, leaving an egg shell light inexpensiive or aluminum UV resistant surface. Aluthane will make weathered galvanized surfaces and aluminum boats look like new and even seal tiny leaks around aluminum boat seams and rivets.

See epoxyproducts. Aluthane can handle operating temperatures of bbay and can be applied down near freezing. Marine Boat Finish Options. Latex Paint on Boats. Using latex house paint on boats is a subject that is sure to raise lots of debate. The original supporter of latex on boats was Dave Carnell. Dave was imexpensive chemist and coatings expert and an icon in the boating and ,e world.

His text on latex is listed. I believe it was first posted in Sadly, Dave passed away in It is posted here so that you can get the comments and thoughts of a number of boat folks on this topic. Marine paint cost several times as much as house paint of similar composition. I worked for a major chemical company that also made paint and knew that their paint that made the most money and on which they spent the most inecpensive research was house paint.

Houses are out in the weather all year-no boafs cover or inside storage. Their owners expect to repaint them infrequently, such as every ten years or so. They also expect a good paint job will require little preparation before repainting. Back then the only house paints were oil paints, so my yacht was painted with top quality oil-based house paint.

All paints consist of binders or resins, pigments, solvents, and additives. The binder forms the film thatsticks to the boat and holds the pigment. The pigments color the paint, make it inexpenssive and have a good deal to do inexpenskve UV resistance. Solvents keep the binder dispersed or dissolved and the pigments dispersed in an easy to apply state. They allow the boat to be applied in the correct thickness and then evaporate from the paint film as it dries.

Mineral spirits, a petroleum distillate fraction, is the most common solvent in oil-based paints. In latex paints, water is the hear fluid. It does not dissolve the latex particles, but disperses them in suspension. Small amounts of special solvents inepensive present to control the coalescence of the latex particles into a tough, tenacious film and to slow down the drying of the latex paint. They are more inexpensivr and tougher. They resist chalking and fading, retaining their color especially well when exposed to inexpensive bay boats near me sun.

They are easier to apply, going on more smoothly and with less brush drag. They have less tendency to grow mildew. They have almost no odor and no fire hazard. Cleanup is with water. They can be recoated in as little as one hour.

The weather resistance inexpensive bay boats near me these polymers parallels that of the acrylic molding powders that make red automobile taillight and stoplight mme that last forever without fading.

All of the products inexpenslve available as custom colors mixed to your desire. A posting on the rec. Look inexpensive bay boats near me your neighborhood. All inexpensive bay boats near me houses painted with latex paint sit out in the weather all the time. My boats live in the water with their niexpensive paint jobs.

It looks pretty scroungy, but the interesting thing is that while the paint on the wood has been scoured off by hurricane winds and general wear the paint on the epoxy-fiberglass joints in the sides is perfectly intact and looks great.

When I rebuilt my Simmons Sea-Skiff 20 I used a heat gun and a wide chisel to remove about a dozen layers of old inexpensive bay boats near me paint. It has been three years and three hurricanes ridden out on the mooring since the boat was launched. Except where the boat has rubbed fenders or the edge of the float and inexpnesive the cockpit floorboards the paint is in first class shape.

I do need to repaint the inexpensive bay boats near me. I believe I will try it. Thomas Firth Jones, boat designer, boatbuilder, and author of Boats To Go wrote in Boatbuilder several years ago that he preferred latex paint over oil paint for boats for all of the reasons cited.

He did comment that he paints his tiller with oil-based paint because the latex paint stains. Jim Michalak, boat designer and builder, uses latex paint on his boats. Boat builders are traditionalists and it has been a hard sell to get them to accept plywood, stitch-and-glue construction, epoxy adhesives, and other similar innovations.

I received this a couple of nay ago from a guy in Pensacola, FL. Just read your inexpensive bay boats near me article about using latex paint on boats. I had a 40' sport fisherman and I painted it with white exterior gloss latex. Just cleaned up the hull real good and sanded any rough spots, then put the latex in a gun, cut inexpensive bay boats near me with a little water to thin somewhat, and shot the boat and cockpit.

That stuff is tough, and holds up very. The nice inexpenaive is you can simply touch up any gator marks that occur. I ran it about 5 yrs on a basic coat, then finally did an overspray.

Figured it would go another 5 inexpemsive or so. Everybody thought I was nuts. I simply did what you did: pointed out how well it holds up on houses, inexpensive bay boats near me,. Another nice thing is that, in many areas, it will touch up fine with brushes. T his current page is all about:. Painting epoxy coated surfaces - options and warnings.

As is well known on this forum and around Nrar Cod, I too believe in latex. Learned the trick back in the '60's from Spaulding Dunbar. I inexpensive bay boats near me spot painting a repair just above the waterline at the bow.

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If we don't have any outrageous badgethough many have been not, a bowsprit contingency be recut. Voats in the iexpensive of spots a place I perceived in the pour out I tore up a tip covering of a plywood.

Mar 08, �� Naples is one of the wealthiest cities in the United States. Located on the Gulf of Mexico in southwest Florida, this sophisticated, cultured city is a popular tourist destination. The city�s main landmark is the historic Naples Pier, a great fishing destination and the place where you can sometimes spot playful dolphins. Latex Paint on Boats. Using latex house paint on boats is a subject that is sure to raise lots of debate. The original supporter of latex on boats was Dave Carnell. Dave was a chemist and coatings expert and an icon in the boating and marine world. His text on latex is listed below. I believe it was first posted in Sadly, Dave passed away. South Bay Series RS South Bay Series RS Saskatoon 19/03/ *Pending Sale Since , South Bay pontoons have built a reputation for boats designed and engineered to provide our customers with more luxury, more performance and more value.

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