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CBSE Board Exam - Check Important Questions & Answers for Class 10 Social Science

This will help Ch 1 Class 10 Maths Important Questions 2?? them plan their preparation and ensure they finish all the chapters and concepts. Social Science is one of the most important subjects in Class Read on to find out. Every student has to compulsorily undertake any one important question of sst 10th class group on the following topics:. Objective: The overall objective of the project work is broup help students gain insight and pragmatic understanding of the theme and see all the Social Science disciplines from an interdisciplinary perspective.

It should also help in enhancing the Life Skills of the students. Students are expected to apply the Social Science concepts that they have learned over the years in order to prepare the project report. If required, students may go out for queston data and use different primary and secondary resources to prepare the project. If possible, various forms of art may be integrated into the important question of sst 10th class group work.

The distribution of marks over different aspects relating to Project Work is as follows:. The projects carried out by the students in different topics should subsequently be shared among themselves through interactive sessions such as exhibitions, panel important question of sst 10th class group,. All documents pertaining to assessment under this activity should be meticulously maintained by concerned schools.

It is to be noted here by all the teachers and students that the projects and models prepared should be made from eco-friendly products without incurring too much expenditure. Records pertaining to projects internal assessment of the students will be maintained for a period of three months from clas date of declaration of result for verification at the discretion of the Board.

Along with the release of Class 10 Social Science Syllabusthe officials have also released the list of Class 10 Social Science Books which should be referred by students of Class In order to perform well in the exam, students must have a basic knowledge of all the chapters and concepts.

If you have any queries regarding this article on CBSE Class 10 Syllabus for Social Science, ask in the comment section below and we will get back to you. Support: support embibe. General: info embibe. The theme selected should be assessed in the Periodic Tests only and will not be evaluated in Board Examination.

Enable the learners to identify and comprehend the forms in which nationalism importamt along with the formation of nation-states in Europe in the post period. Establish the relationship and bring out the difference between European nationalism and anti-colonial nationalism.

Understand the way the idea of nationalism emerged and led to the formation of nation-states in Europe and. Recognize the characteristics of Indian nationalism through a case study of Non-Cooperation and Civil Disobedience Movement.

Analyze the nature of the diverse social movements of the time. Familiarize with the writings and ideals of different political groups and individuals. Appreciate the ideas promoting Pan Indian belongingness. Show that globalization has a long history and point to the shifts within the process. Analyze the implication of globalization for ssg economies.

Discuss how globalization is experienced important question of sst 10th class group by different social groups. Familiarize with the 9.

Pro- to-Industrial phase and Early � factory. Familiarize with the process of industrialization and its impact on labour class. Impportant them to understand industrialization in the colonies with reference Important Question Of 10th Class Maths Oracle to Textile industries.

Only Map items as given in map list from this chapter will be evaluated in Board Examination. Manufacturing Industries: � Important Question Of Geography 10th Class Sub Importance of manufacturing � Contribution of Industry to National Economy � Industrial Location � Classification of Industries � Spatial distribution � Industrial pollution and environmental degradation � Control of Environmental Degradation 7. Understand the importance of forests and wild important question of sst 10th class group in one environment as well as develop concept towards depletion of resources.

Identify different dams in the country. Explain the importance of agriculture in the national economy. Identify various types of farming and discuss the various farming methods; describe the spatial distribution of major crops as well as understand the relationship between rainfall regimes and cropping patterns.

Identify places of availability of different energy resources. Bring out the importance of industries in the national economy as well as understand the regional disparities which resulted due to the concentration of industries in some areas. Discuss the need for planned industrial development and debate over the role of government towards sustainable development.

Explain the importance of transport and communication in the ever-shrinking world. Federalism � What is Federalism?

Political Quextion � Why do we need Political Parties? Familiarize with the centrality of power sharing in a democracy. Understand the working of spatial and social power sharing mechanisms. Analyse federal provisions and institutions. Explain decentralization in rural and urban areas. Analyse party systems in democracies. Introduction to major political parties, challenges faced by them and reforms in the country. Evaluate the functioning of democracies in comparison to alternative forms of government.

Understand the causes for the continuation of democracy in India. Distinguish important question of sst 10th class group sources of strengths and weaknesses of Indian democracy. Development: � What Development Important question of sst 10th class group � Different people different goals � Income and other goals � National DevelopmentHow to compare different countries or states?

Globalisation and the Indian Economy: � Production across countriesInterlinking production across countries � Foreign Trade and integration of markets � What is globalization?

Familiarize with concepts of macroeconomics. Understand the rationale for overall human development in our country, which includes the rise of income, improvements in health and education rather than income. Understand the importance of quality of life and sustainable development. Identify class employment generating sectors.

Reason out the government investment in different sectors of the economy. Understand money as an economic concept. Understand the role of financial institutions from the point of view of day-to-day life. The distribution of marks over different aspects relating to Project Work is as follows: S. Content accuracy, originality and analysis 2 b. Presentation and creativity 2 c. Viva Voce impodtant 4. A Summary Report should be prepared to highlight: objectives realized through individual work and group interactions; calendar of activities innovative ideas important question of sst 10th class group importang the important question of sst 10th class group ; list of questions asked in viva voce.

The Project Report should be handwritten by the students themselves. Indian National Congress Sessions: a. Calcutta Sep. Nagpur Dec. Madras 2. Champaran Bihar � Movement of Indigo Planters b. Kheda Gujrat � Peasant Satyagrah c. Amritsar Punjab � Jallianwala Bagh Incident e.

Chauri Chaura U. Major soil Types. Salal b. Bhakra Nangal c. Tehri d. Iimportant Pratap Sagar e. Sardar Sarovar f. Hirakud g. Grpup Sagar h. However, the map items of this chapter as listed above will be evaluated in Board Examination. Chapter: 5 Mineral and Energy Resources. Section 1: Events and Processes: Important Question Of Geography 10th Class Excel 1. Understand the role of trade and tourism in the economic de. Explain the working of the Global Econo. Which chapters are deleted SST class 10?

The officials have deleted 10 chapters altogether in History, Geography, and Political Science. To know which chapters are exactly deleted, refer to this page. In History Section 2, Chapters 3 and 4 are deleted. In Section 3, Chapter 5 has been deleted.

Sometimes people cannot even elect different leaders as the same set of leaders keep shifting from one party to another. Question 1. First session free. Often the opinion of the followers crystallise on the lines parties take. Parties shape public opinion.

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