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Feb 16, �� General Bass Boat Discussion > Boat Ramp > Topic The thick lines on the deck extension are where I plan to put the hinges Best Deck Lights For Bass Boats on the lids. on is making all of the framework out of alumnium and the decking out of a material called mapes myboat266 boatplans panel is light weight alumnium panel with a styrofoam type myboat266 boatplans seen the panels under. Jun 25, �� unfortunately, i cant weld aluminium i can weld metal, but i have never tried to weld aluminium an di heard it is not easy. besides, i did a quick search today an di couldnt find any aluminium angle, only round or square solid pieces for machining. so i went to Home Depot (we also have it here in mexico) and for less than $30 i got. The deck is enclosed by railing for safety. It can be accessed through the doors from house and a stairway from the ground. Cover can also be provided to prevent light. More information can be obtained from the photos on the subject of Bass boat deck extension diy project gallery.

Write for BassResource! Posted June 25, More information can be obtained from the photos on the subject of Bass boat deck extension diy project gallery. The spaces found in residential decking include sitting, cooking and dining. Announcements Read This Before Posting! Reply to this topic

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