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No Dig Gardening: Charles Dowding's Guide To No Dig
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No dig gardening, a method used in organic gardening, is by no means new, but it just happens to be one of 's biggest garden trends. Charles Dowding , known as the 'guru of no dig', has been an advocate of the no dig garden method since he first started growing vegetables back in In fact, much of his career has been dedicated to teaching others about the approach, both in the form of his books and successful YouTube channel.

We're continually seeking easy, low maintenance gardening ideas in the hope of achieving successful results that require minimal effort. Could no dig gardening be the answer we're looking for? We speak to Charles to find out Effectively, it's where you don't use a fork or spade to disturb or loosen the soil in any way,' Charles tells House Beautiful UK.

It's a method of cultivation that aims for minimal disturbance of the soil � and can be adopted by anyone. You need less fertilisers, less pesticides, very few slug pellets. It ticks so many other boxes too, such as keeping your soil moist,' explains Charles. No dig is inspired by the simplicity of nature.

No dig is thinking about what is going on beneath the surface of the soil. The human eye might not be able to watch the many roots intertwine, but one of the key elements of no dig is to not disregard what we can't see. It's releasing nutrients to plants,' says Charles. You've got that amazing life that is helping the plants to grow, and every time you stick a spade or fork in the soil and move it around, we're actually breaking and doing a lot of disruption.

We don't see it. There are so many good things going on in the soil and we really don't want to harm it. While many of us might be new to the concept of no dig, it has actually been around for decades.

I came across a book by Ruth Stout and she gave me insights. The problem was, her method of mulching the surface was with using hay and I literally copied that and then found I had lots of slugs eating my plants. That's when I realised you have to adapt the mulch material to the climate. King who was doing it. But I'd say no dig was used in the s or earlier. It's not revolutionary at all � it's just copying nature. It's working out how you can translate what is happening in nature to what is happening in the garden.

It has been refreshing over the past year to see sustainability and planet-friendly practices come into play both at home and in the garden. Whether it's Handmade Wooden Kitchens Inc putting an end to plastic plant pots or making our own composts, these efforts have trickled down into many UK households. According to Charles, we should all be adopting a no dig approach to further our environmental efforts. Firstly for carbon, you're keeping carbon in the soil. There's less likelihood of erosion, the soil is more stable, you won't need to water it a lot as you are holding the moisture in there more, so it's less of a drain on resources,' he explains.

It's really tapping into the natural processes and enhancing them, rather than flooding the garden with brought-in inputs. And, in the process, you save a lot of time. Even the toughest of weeds don't need to be pulled out by a metal spade, as Charles explains: 'Most weeds die when they are deprived of light.

You don't need to dig your weeds out � all you need to do is smother them because no plant can grow in darkness. Cardboard is amazing to kill the weeds. One piece of cardboard overlapped on the edges with a bit of compost on top will do a great job. It's simple and quick. If you're keen to adopt your own no dig approach, Charles tells us: 'A good starting point is that people really see the point of it. I wouldn't want people to adopt a method just because someone had told them to � they really have to believe in it and see how it makes sense.

And, perhaps most importantly, it's all about keeping the process fun. There's the temptation to take on a lot, especially if you're a beginner. Just do a little bit � make a little bed, for example. Not taking on too much will mean you'll be in control and it will be fun. It's got to be fun,' he explains. Select a suitable place to create your no dig garden bed.

You can build yours over existing soil, lawn, concrete or paved surfaces. Plus, you can also add temporary sides such as old fence posts to help keep compost-filled beds in shape.

Mow down your lawn and remove any weeds if you need to. Add a thick layer of organic matter compost to the area you want to create the garden, at around four inches 10cm deep. You can always lay down a sheet of cardboard first before the organic matter to help keep weeds away. Make sure you wet the cardboard to help it break down. Next, layer manure on top. Use a watering can to keep it secure. Some people choose to use straw, but because of the UK climate, this can cause slugs to eat your plants.

Charles suggests not using mulches of undecomposed organic matter. Then, use your hands to create holes in the compost and insert your plants. For more information on dig gardening, visit Charles Dowding's website. Like this article?

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This gift Wooden Fitted Kitchens Uk Pdf box will give your gardening friends a step in the right direction to help care for any small garden birds. Subscribe to House Beautiful magazine today and get each issue Wooden Kitchens Asda Malaysia delivered directly to your door. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. The best outdoor rugs for your garden. Gorgeous Easter wreaths to buy right now. Chris Price. What is no dig gardening? Charles Dowding Charles Dowding. Guido Mieth Getty Images.

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