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Nov 03, �� LAYING FIBERGLASS REINFORCEMENT For a 12 ft. boat, two layers of 1? oz. or 2 oz. mat and one layer of roving may be adequate, depending upon design. For a 14 ft. boat, an additional layer of mat and roving will add additional strength. Apply each layer as in step 3, but it will not be necessary to wait for curing between these layers. Hi-tech knitted fiberglass is hand-laid for maximum strength and durability. A 3 ounce skin coat ensures a glass-like exterior surface. Hardware is L marine-grade stainless steel, installed with reinforced backing, and fastened with aircraft locking nuts. All upholstery is top-grade 32 ounce UV-stable, colorfast, low-maintenance vinyl. Jun 29, �� It matters not, cored or solid glass construction. When comparing "hand laid" glass to something,It usually is against prepreg, scrimp,or custom vacuum assist infusion processes. These processes insure a strong glass to resin ratio. A skilled laminator can deliver a strong hull but it won't compare to a scrimped cored hull.

Unpowered Boats Kayaks Dinghies. Add your thoughts bota Fixing to a hollow gunnel valvebounceJul 16,in forum: Fiberglass and Composite Boat Building. Sometimes pre-cut pieces of hand laid fiberglass boat construction on fabric are construvtion by soaking them in a resin bath, then run through adjustable pinch rollers to squeeze out excess resin, and placed wet, layer by layer into the mold. And uniformity and predictability are key elements in being able to more accurately engineer the structures built up of those laminates.

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