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The HTX 30 is the first of this ground breaking series. It is the culmination of extensive research and rigorous testing, incorporating new hydrodynamics, and more refined materials to deliver a unit that offers more performance, durability and easier installation than ever before. Frequently Asked Questions What type of hull makes a good jet boat? Why should I consider a jet? Specifically, why should I buy a HamiltonJet? How much efficiency do you loose with a jet? Can you tow with a jet boat? How about reverse? People also say jets don�t back-up well. What about low speed control? Does HamiltonJet offer electronic controls? HJ Jet Boat Model The popular HamiltonJet has undergone a makeover of both hull and deck to enhance the proven performance features of this great family jet boat. Reduced hull height and topside running parallel with the gunwales have given the a sleek new side profile that is sure to turn heads on the river and at lake-side. Check this:

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Hamilton jet boats models 596 and engine cover upholstery is custom made to match hull and deck colouring, and we work closely with all suppliers to ensure colour coordination is to your bamilton exacting standards. Specifically, why should I buy a HamiltonJet? For the adventurer, this boat is a proven performer in some of the worlds most challenging river environments. Instead, autonomy exists at different levels from skipper assistance to full autonomous remote operation. It is important to understand that waterjet propulsion operates quite differently to conventional propeller propulsion systems. The rivers were too shallow for propeller driven boats to navigate as the propeller would hit the river .

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