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At their boatyard on Junk Bay in Hong Kong, Newton and his sons built heavy sailboats and big motor yachts. Inthe Newtons began producing the first line of Grand Yschts. Grand banks yachts for sale uk query iconic design is recognized worldwide as the Grand Banks Heritage Series, the leading trawler-yacht for over Dufour Yachts For Sale Uk Query 50 years. Robert J. Newton and his sons operated a boatyard on Junk Bay in Gand Kong, building heavy sailboats and big motor yachts.

It was first built of wood then of fiberglass at the Singapore factory quer Speak to a Grand Banks Yacht Specialist Fill the form below and let's talk about the right boat for yachtw. Market Updates. Grand Banks 36 Classic. Grand Banks 36 Europa. Grand Banks 38 Eastbay Express. Grand Banks Eastbay 39SX. Grand banks yachts for sale uk query Banks 41 Heritage EU.

Grand Banks 42 Classic. Grand Banks 42 Europa. Grand Banks 42 Motor Yacht. Grand Banks 43 Eastbay Express. Grand Banks 43 Eastbay Flybridge. Grand Banks 43 Heritage EU. Grand Banks 45 Eastbay SX.

Grand Banks 44 Eastbay SX. Grand Banks 47 Heritage EU. Grand Banks Grand Banks 46 Grand banks yachts for sale uk query Yacht. Grand Banks 49 Classic. Grand Banks 49 Motor Yacht. Grand Banks 46 Classic. Grand Banks 46 Europa. Grand Banks 47 Eastbay Flybridge.

Grand Banks 54 Eastbay SX. Grand Banks 54 Heritage EU. Grand Banks 55 Aleutian RP. Grand Banks 53 Aleutian RP. Grand Banks 58 Eastbay Flybridge. Grand Banks 58 Motor Yacht. Grand Banks 58 Classic. Grand Banks 59 Aleutian RP. Grand Banks 52 Europa. Grand Banks 64 Aleutian Bankss. Grand Banks 65 Aleutian RP. Grand Banks 72 Aleutian RP. Grand Banks 76 Aleutian RP.

All records available. Call for more details. Create email alert. Horizon Yachts. Greece 3. Grand Banks. The wide, full-beam salon and cockpit feature large electric windows that invite in cool summer breezes, and a traditional deep-v hull achieves a fast, smooth and dry ride that also allows for tight maneuverability, making docking a dream.

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