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Aug 10, �� Reading the best philosophy books gives us the opportunity to look into those hidden depths and understand our own thinking and behavior at a deeper level, helping us eliminate behavior we don�t like. Philosophy draws indiscriminately from all fields knowledge, in a never ending questioning. Jan 25, �� Eisenhorn by Dan Abnett Now you�re probably wondering, �Why is a book based off the Warhammer 40, board game on this list?� and I�ll tell you - because this trilogy by Dan Abnett is really, really good. Far from your typical 40k book (most of them seem to center on space marines shooting and stabbing stuff), Eisenhorn focuses on the. I'm currently reading Irvine's A Guide to the Good Life which focuses on roman stoicism but in it he mentions several schools from ancient Greece which offer a philosophy of life including Cynic, Epicurean, Peripatetic, Cyreniacs, Skeptic, Megarians, Elian, Eretrian, Annicerean, Theodorean, the Truth-lovers, the Refutationists, the Reasoners from Analogy, the Physicists, the Moralists, and the.

An interesting examination of these questions in this well loved popular philosophy book. I suggest having a look at Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethicsin which happiness is taken good philosophy books reddit the end of human life, but there's a nuanced understanding of what constitutes happiness that takes into account many different factors. Jean-Jacques Rousseau. His works are in the form of dialogues, where several characters argue a topic by asking questions of each. Tao Te Ching by Lao Tsu 9.

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