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Feb 17, �� Sunsets in Goa, on the Mandovi River is a special time of the day. Time seems to slow down as the sun descends into the horizon, painting the sky with a unique display every dusk. This is the time to be on a yacht, in Goa, with a drink in your hands and the sound of the breezy water gushing at your back. Sunset Cruises in Goa are the perfect way to spend your Sunday evenings. The cruise sets out in the evening ( pm) for an enchanting view of the sunset. During this one-hour-long voyage guests can savor the folk and DJ performances. Dekhni and Fugdi are traditional dance forms of Goa and witnessing a performance of these is an unforgettable affair. This sunset cruise is a group tour specially curated for people who like to witness the amazing. And so, take this package of sailing on the Chapora River as you chase the sunset moment on the goa waterfronts. With the capacity of carrying as many as 16 people at a time, the experience is open for all, be it infants or the elderly. Updated:

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Fun Cruises Goa offers a memorable cruising experience in Goa, for you and your loved ones. The timings for the Sunset River Cruises are fixed. Bollywood Cruise Tour will start at goa sunset sightseeing cruise lyrics. This is a nice way for a family, a couple, or a group of friends to relax after an exhausting day of sightseeing. Forgot Password? Thanks to Thrillophilia for offering such a delightful experience at such a reasonable price.

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