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Boat building in fiberglass news letter boat plans for boat building Jul 15, �� The following video was posted by Cerny Yacht Design and features their foam core boatbuilding method. This method appears to result in hulls that are both lightweight and stiff. Another advertised benefit is the ability to create nicely shaped, rounded hulls, if desired. Jan 14, �� Home Boat Design Forums > Construction > Boatbuilding > Fiberglass and Composite Boat Building > For example if 80% of the foam core boats he surveyed in 40 years had a core related failure then if would be safe for him to say that his experience shows an 80% fail rate among foam cores. But he sort just bashes them. Aboard a typical fiberglass boat, balsa core may be used in construction of hatch covers, cockpit and salon tables, fish boxes, and non-structural partitions and bulkheads, among other items, where lightweight, stiffness, good weather-resistance and durability is required.

A Herreshoffs have been an preferred example of when it worked scrupulously. Step 2. ) -As young kids finish their sailboats, not usually is an fulfilling investment though the essential a single as good.

Cutwaters should have at least 40 oz of glass built up one way or another for mooring duty. Chafe happens. What does the designer list for bare hull weight? And does the designer have any ideas as far as rigging a mooring bridle? Not all boats take to a mooring.

Some cannot be made to sit quietly no matter what you do. There is no benefit to use foam in this manner on this size boat. If you do not seal your core well from moisture intrusion, be it plywood or foam, the structure will fall apart eventually. Foam will eventually rot, mold and decompose it if gets saturated with water, just as much as wood.

You still have to seal the foam from the moisture as much as plywood, there is no benefit in terms of durability to use Fiberglass Boat Construction Methods Pdf Us foam core over plywood. Durably comes from construction method and the quality of build. Both have to be well sealed and well maintained to preclude moisture intrusion into either core material.

That said, plywood is usually far less expensive to build, easier to work with and can weigh less that foam cored fiberglass. Plywood contributes to the primary structure, while foam has very little structural properties. Because of this you will need much more fiberglass on the outside to make it the equivalent strength, adding costs and extra work, as well as weight.

Unless you are planning on using costly carbon fabrics and vacuum bagged or epoxy infusion construction process, the much simpler plywood and fiberglass will weight much less and cost much less. For example, in a similar size hull, in sea kayaks, production hand laid up fiberglass over foam sandwich hull, vacuum bagged and hand finished, for 17 ft single sea kayak, will weight about 45 to 60 lbs depending on the accessories, hatches, seat style, etc as compared to an equivalent hand built marine ply stitch and glue with a single layer of fiberglass and epoxy hand laid up, no vac bagging , and several coats of clear finish for UV protection, will weight in at about 30 to 35 lbs, similarly equipped.

The only way you will get lighter than about 30 lbs for a 17 ft sea kayak hull is to go to exotic and costly materials and construction materials. Unless of course you go to skin on frame, using no fiberglass, it will weight about 25 lbs.

But this method of construction has certain limitations on hull shape and it limits interior volume because of the frame, and durability can be a problem where moisture gets trapped between the skin and the wood frame.

For what you are building, I would go conventional stitch and glue fiberglass over plywood. It will be much more forgiving, a more common way to go, it will take far less tools and special tooling, cost less, weigh less, and come together much faster than using foam core. There is no benefit to using foam core on such a small amateur built project. It would be a mistake to use anything except plywood and One Off Fiberglass Boat Construction Company fiberglass.

Petros , Sep 24, The seeming preference for plywood over proper read PVC sandwich construction on the forum continues to puzzle me, you have a clean, seamless construction that is virtually free of framing in some cases, opposed to something that is all joins and framework, it is just a no-brainer, except the foam sandwich one-off is more difficult to execute.

Mr Efficiency , Sep 24, The problem with foam is cost. Plywood makes a great boat at much lower cost. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content.

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Overhead cranes are often used to lift major boat parts, like this hull for a Regulator fishing boat, out of the molds and into position for further assembly. The development of serious speed boats, like this Mystic catamaran, played a significant role as manufacturers learned how to minimize weight. It was the cost of construction, however, that spurred One Off Fiberglass Boat Construction Analysis on this trend among boat-builders of all types. Two examples of fiberglass cloth: the fiberglass at the left is significantly thinner and lighter, but provides less stiffness.

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