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Flounder Gigging Light AlumiGlo FlounderPro � Watt � Boat Mounted, LED Flounder Gigging Light. The FlounderPro LED light is one of our top selling boat mounted light setups and comes complete and ready to install! Using (3) of our 30W anodized aluminum COB LED light heads (90W total), this unit produces 8, lumens of K white light. The center. Underwater flounder gigging lights do a great job at lighting up flounder laying on the bay floor while above water lights do a great job at illuminating fish further ahead.A quality flounder light is going to be bright, have the ability to penetrate clear or muddy water, and is small and compact enough to either mount on your flounder gig pole or your boat without adding too much weight. What Gigging Lights For Boats Designs started out as a small hobby building lights for friends, in just a few short years has developed into thousands of satisfied customers across the country. Jerry�s LEDs Led Flounder Lights For Boats Noise are handcrafted floundering lights and are custom-built with quality and reliability in mind throughout the entire process.
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While this adds to the build time of these lights, it results in a much more rugged and dependable underwater LED gigging Flounder Gigging Lights For Boats 3d Model light. The brackets extending from the back of the light have 1. This is the same as the outside diameter of Sch. Lights will each have 24" of wire. If you need more wire, click here. If you need more, contact us first to discuss and we can custom make each light with specific wire lengths that you require.

Lights shown above built using our 5" x 3" heat sink for underwater - This is our standard build unless requested. Lights have 24" of wire; If you want extra 6ft of wire, see below Add additional 6ft of wire to each light for total of 8 ft. Need even more wire? Call and we can discuss it. We are glad to help. Exchanges for different model light will be considered if shipment has not been made; If we ship the light and you wish to exchange it, we will do so only if light is not used and is in NEW condition.

Buyer pays all shipping charges both ways. Back to Homepage. Compare Lights. The FlounderPro LED light is one of our top selling boat mounted light setups and comes complete and ready to install!

The center light head shines forward while each side light shines at a degree angle giving you light coverage where you need it. Constructed out of high-grade 1. The adjustable 2-piece aluminum mounting bracket allows for easy removal and gives you the ability to raise, lower, and rotate the light heads degrees.

This flounder light for boats is for Underwater Use Only! Evgenyfld � April 8, Evgenylxx � April 7, Evgenyvmo � April 5, Evgenygfo � April 4, Evgenykdr � April 4, Evgenypih � April 3, Michael verified owner � August 17, Robert Fisher verified owner � July 7, Sorry, no reviews match your current selections.

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