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Designed by John C. The Peeler is intended for smaller outboards, 8hp to 15hp. The thick, flat bottom provides flat bottom wooden skiff plans quote stable platform for casting or working trap. A 15hp yielded 23 knots on the GPS in flat water, but the Peeler is happiest at half-throttle or with a smaller outboard. The Peeler Skiff is within reach of first-time boatbuilders who bototm a Lorem lpsum 272 boatplans/good/are-moomba-boats-good-quality-words click to see more experience with epoxy.

The kit includes a page shop manual with hundreds of photos and drawings Lorem lpsum 272 boatplans/aluminum-boats/xpress-aluminum-boats-for-sale-jacket go here every step.

Heavy coatings of epoxy and fiberglass stiffen the plywood structure vottom create surfaces that require no more maintenance than a solid fiberglass boat. Foam-filled flotation tanks fore and aft are part of the hull structure, and provide over pounds of positive flotation. The Peeler Skiff underwent a long woodeb very careful flat bottom wooden skiff plans quote of development, including multiple prototypes and extensive certification tests performed by the Coast Guardunusual for a boat planw.

Full details on the testing can be found at www. The Peeler Skiff is comfortable and safe in big waves, if the operator backs off on flat bottom wooden skiff plans quote throttle. Twenty of the Peeler Skiff kits were sold immediately, which Harris says is a startling introduction in the pllans niche of the build-your-own-boat kit. For more information, visit the website at www.

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