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Ballast � Weight in the form of heavy material water, metal or stone bozt low in a boat hull to improve stability and performance of the boat. Bimini � A canvas or composite hard fishinh attached to a boat to hames protection fishing boat parts names 80 sun and rain. Bow � The front of the boat. Multihulls may have ;arts or three bows.

Bulkhead � An upright wall within the hull of a boat that may add structural integrity or a separation of living spaces. Cabin � A room inside the boat, which can refer to the entire interior or just one room designed for sleeping. Cleat � A wood, plastic or metal fitting onto which you tie or loop a line.

This fisuing be on a boat or a dock. Cockpit � A protected, somewhat enclosed space on deck, usually from where a boat is controlled or steered. Console � A raised structure on the deck of a boat that usually holds the helm or steering station and may include a toilet or stowage space in the compartment. Gunwale � Also known as gunnel, this is the outermost top edge of a boat hull, usually where the deck and hull come.

Hardtop � A top or roof added to a boat cabin-top or console. It serves to protect the driver and sometimes also passengers from the elements. Hatch � An opening in the deck or cabin of a boat that serves as a bpat or door. Helm � The steering station, which includes engine controls and fishing boat parts names 80 wheel or joystick. Livewell � A ffishing designed to keep caught fish or bait alive during fishing.

Propeller � A rotating namss with blades designed to move a boat forward or backward through the water. Saloon � A room in a fishing boat parts names 80 that is an interior social space used like a living room in a house. Swim platform � A structure fixed to the transom or aft portion of the boat designed to make getting onto the boat from the water or dock easier.

T-top � A metal or composite structure designed to hold a canvas or hardtop to protect the boat driver from the sun. Transom � The back fishing boat parts names 80 the boat that comes up from the hull fishing boat parts names 80 and connects the two hull sides.

V-berth � A bed in the bow of a boat. Since bows are usually pointy, the bed or the room that holds that bed is V-shaped. Skip to content.

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