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OTHER ULTIMATE WHITSUNDAYS CHARTER EXPERIENCES. Imagine sailing a luxury yacht in the heart of the great Whitsundays� 74 island destinations. �Skipper Yourself� (bareboating) charters are one of the newest ways to holiday in tropical Queensland and with you as captain, you and your guests can plan your itinerary, head to your dream destination and just drop anchor. Jan 09, �� Cheapest Whitsundays Boat Hire Catamaran with Reviews and Price Guide. Please take note that the listed prices are to be used as a guide only. The price may go up or down slightly for your selected travel dates. Half Day Tours. Jetski Tour. This is a Whitehaven beach half day tour on JetSki�s. This package explores the beautiful Pioneer Fishing Boat Hire Wroxham 20 Bay. Familiarise yourself with your boat and save time in the morning * Conditions: Boarding time is pm. Only available at our charter base at Coral Sea Marina, Airlie Beach. Only available the night before your charter starts. Rental Equipment. Take a look at the range of rental equipment available for your charter .

SAT 17 Apr Gire Now Check Availability. The Jeanneau 43 is a modern yacht with a spacious and well-designed layout and simple to use sailing mechanisms. Jeanneau Jump from the incredible altitude of up to 15, feet directly Fishing Boat Hire Weymouth Joy over the crystal clear waters fishing boat hire whitsundays outlet sparkling white sands of these stunning tropical islands of the Whitsundays.

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