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Weipa Fishing Spots WEIPA FISHING OUR CHARTERS. Far North Fishing Weipa specialise in Weipa sports fishing charters and fly fishing charters, customised to your fishing ability and requests. When you book a charter with us, you�re booking the boat exclusively and have a say in where we go and what style of fishing you�d like to do. Weipa Boat Hire, Charter anything to do with the marine environment from a little tinny for the day to accommodation vessels, barges, crew transfer vessels Weipa Boat Hire and Fishing Charters, 15 Awurpa, Weipa (). Our Weipa fishing charters are designed to not only deliver epic fishing adventures, but to provide luxury and comfort every step of the way. We provide quality fishing tackle and equipment if required. Our Weipa fishing charters are for a minimum of 4 days and maximum of We find 6 days is optimum.

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For a list of bird species that can be sighted in and around Weipa, click here. For a list of Sporting and Recreation facilities in Weipa click here. For a list of Parks and Gardens in Weipa, click here. When setting out on a Cape York adventure please remember that various places on the Cape are classed as Traditional Aboriginal Land, Mining Lease, Pastoral Lease or National Park land permission or permits may be required before camping in some areas.

Please respect local access rules and the rights of Traditional Owners and Property Leasees. Camping areas may be closed from time to time due to traditional ceremonies, therefore, you should check with the issuer of the permit before going camping.

Weipa Fishing Classic. Skip to content. This can be done in several ways, depending on the type of group, and the likes and dislikes of the people. The boat will have a stove, an oven and a barbecue, so the choices for cooking are varied. Roasting something in the oven for three hours on a hot day may not be the best idea, since it could contribute to making the boat uncomfortable. It is a good idea to stick to things that are simple to prepare.

Here are some ideas to make your meal planning easier:. Type up a sheet explaining what food is for which meal, and showing what the menu is. Of course, if someone eats the wrong food at the wrong time it will upset the plans, and could upset some people.

However, this approach results in a minimum of excess food, and with planning could make it easier to handle food storage. Some groups like to have each individual or family take care of their own food. This might be a good idea if one family Fishing Boat Hire Hamble has special eating demands, such as being vegetarians. Generally, though, it is more fun to all eat together. If you go out for a week, storing all of the food for a large group is a challenge.

One thing to consider is the possibility of packing the meat for the second half of the week in an ice chest with some dry ice, and tape the lid shut. After four days everything will still be frozen. Try not to bring too much stuff that needs refrigeration, because the refrigerator capacity on a houseboat is limited, and the propane refrigerators are not as efficient as the ones you have at home. Assign meals to various people, making each person responsible to bring one, two or three specific meals.

This spreads the work around and lets everyone participate, without any one person having to do too much. It spreads the cleanup job, too! Drinks are an important consideration.

Usually it will be easiest to have everybody bring what they want to drink. You should use the ice chest that comes on the houseboat for the drinks, because the drinks stay colder in ice. If you buy common drinks for everyone, be sure to estimate the cost high and collect the money before the trip. Also, expect to buy at least a couple bags of ice per day during your trip.

The exact amount of ice you will use will depend on the outside temperature. If you use the first method, there will be an easily calculated cost that can be divided by the number of people on the trip, and everyone can be charged for their share. This is deducted from the total cost of your booking.

Full payment is required 2 months prior to boarding. Payment can be made by credit card, direct bank transfer or cheque. The credit card will then be charged after an inspection of the vessel for items damaged or lost, minus cost of phone calls, extra provisions required and fuel. Description The Tillitoo is a 11 metre self drive aluminium home cruiser in survey for a maximum of 10 people. Only a Recreational Boat License Required A recreational boat license is required to operate the houseboat.

A boat licence is also required for each tender. The galley has a: gas stove, grill, litre fridge, litre freezer. Galley With Plenty Of Space.

Come on and enjoy the peace and tranquility this very special part of the world offers. Houseboating can be a lot of fun for any age, size or type of group. The idea is to have fun, and there are lots of ways to do it. Organising A Group To Go Houseboating The Tillimay sleeps 10 people, so most people try to fill up the boat to keep the cost per person as low as possible. A Group of Friends Inviting a group of all single adults, or adult couples, can be loads of fun. A Group of Co-workers Inviting your friends from work can build bonds beyond the workplace and create memories you love to reminisce about when you return to the drudgery of your job!

Setting a Date How you go about organizing the group will depend on the type of group, but there are lots of things in common. Planning the Food This can be done in several ways, depending on the type of group, and the likes and dislikes of the people. Here are some ideas to make your meal planning easier: The Food Have one person prepare a menu for the entire trip, and buy all of the groceries for the menu. Spread The Work Assign meals to various people, making each person responsible to bring one, two or three specific meals.

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