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Una vez que bit al pez, ya no necesitas el anzuelo. No translations Add. Glosbe uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Log in. English Spanish English. There's a bait shop in my fihsing. Hay una tienda de cebos en mi barrio. I put bait on the hook. Puse la carnada en el anzuelo. Once you've caught the fish, you no longer need the bait.

Show abit generated translations. Abraj Al Bait Fishng. Torres Abraj Al Bait. Therefore, producers of these ground baits must be considered as feed business operators and be registered in accordance with the Feed Hygiene Regulation. Por consiguiente, los productores de estas carnadas deben considerarse como explotadores de empresas de fishing bait in spanish y registrarse de conformidad con el Reglamento sobre la higiene de los piensos.

The killer was just using him as bait fishing bait in spanish, lying in wait with a sniper rifle across the street. El asesino lo estaba usando como carnadaesperando con un rifle de francotirador al otro lado de la calle.

My client is being deliberately baited! Adults of Periplaneta americana Apanish. Adultos de Periplaneta americana Fishing bait in spanish. Spanidh on, you buzzard bait. They took the bait. Mordieron el anzuelo.

Like bait helps to catch a shark. Total weight of fish discarded or used as a Fishing Bait Hull live bait. Within the catch limits laid down in Annex ID, the catch limit for bluefin tuna between 8 kg and 30 kg allocated to the Community coastal artisanal fishery for fresh fish by bait boats, longliners and handliners in the Mediterranean referred to in Article 91c, and the allocation of that catch limit among the Member Fising, shall be fisbing as follows in tonnes :.

Reels for fishing, fishing rods, fishing lines, gut for fishing, fishing baitincluded in class 28, hook removers, bait needles, worm needles, gaffs, floats, landing nets. Within the catch limits laid down in paragraph 1, the catch limit for bluefin tuna weighing no less than 6,4 kg spanis measuring no less than 70 cm applicable to bait boats of fishing bait in spanish overall length of less than 17 metres among the Community vessels referred to in Article 82a, and the allocation of that catch limit fishing bait in spanish the Member States, shall be fixed as follows in tonnes :.

Barcos de cebo vivo. The mouse took the bait. I cut bait and blow shit up for a living. Yo me dedico a preparar anzuelos y a volar cosas. I'm gonna throw this one over and use it for bait and catch Roughneck Fishing Boats For Sale Canada bigger fish. The first time you took me to Fangtasia, in the car on the fishing bait in spanish there you called me " vampire bait.

She was nothing more than bait. Las partes afirman que Fishing Bait Packaging los geles y cebos contra cucarachas no constituyen un mercado distinto. Abomination is baiting us to attack. It took the bait! If you decide to purchase mechanical traps, or lay out poison baitfishing bait in spanish these along the walls of your home, as mice and rats like to fshing along walls.

Number of baits distributed by aircraft. Sure Catch Baits. The site you are connecting to is not published by Fishing Bait Liquids YellowPages. Phone Number Search nearby. Phone Number Directions Message Search nearby.

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Duck vessel skeleton - erect your fishing bait in spanish steep vesselthat is reflected in lots of his cartoons which poke fun during scientists as well as bqit prepared folks. Harold H. Handcrafted Boat Fashions If there might be a single arrange of sailboat that's customarily used inside of a shore as you verbaliseit's not a plan which I favor.

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