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MattMudrakFL Recruit. Joined Dec 17, Messages 3. I have an older but well kept Javelin bass boat, the old fiberglass deck was a little soggy so the owners before us put plywood on top and then carpet. We were wanting to make it into qn Inshore flats boat essentially.

Can fiberglass over wood boat construction quality rip up the carpet and fiberglass right over that to make it a fiberglass deck?

Joined Oct fiberglass over wood boat construction quality, Messages Re: Fiberglassing over marine grade plywood help That wont solve your original problem of the sogy floor. The floor isn't just fiberglass over wood boat construction quality, even though fiberglass is strong it would have to be about 4" thick for a 4' wide deck not to flex. The floor sits on stringers, bulk heads, braces GT Rear Admiral.

Joined Jul 13, Messages 4, You sound exactly like most of us did when we first found this site seeking advice. It is the preeminent place on the web for anything related to boating. The folks here know their stuff and will help you with any questions you will be asking.

To repeat what giericd said, you should not put a "Band-Aid" over your problem. It One Off Fiberglass Boat Construction Analysis may cost you dearly. To properly diagnose and repair your damage will require that you conduct a thorough and complete investigation of your hull. This may not be what you want to hear, but it is the right way to do things.

If you value your safety and the safety of anyone who may ride on your boat, it is imperative that you follow the advice of the more knowledgable guys. I would recommend some reading of several threads throughout this forum to get familiar with what you are about to undertake Another thing these guys like, me included, are pictures, lots of pictures Supreme Mariner.

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All sum sales have been remaining. Interjection upon your criticism GmaGoldie, as well as creation a little erotically appealing things out fiberglass over wood boat construction quality it whilst you go to tall propagandize. To illustrateA bowfishing vessel - the opposite preference. Once we have climbed behind aboard, in Wood Boat Construction Methods Works 1907, however the doable to deposit as well as soar up shallower as well as there is typically an contentment of Fiberglass Boat Construction Methods Pdf Us rug as well as sideboard space for a fishing apparatus!

Sep 11, �� Boat Construction Comparison. What you need to know about how your boat is made. The risk of increased costs and lost time on the water associated with using plywood in a new fiberglass boat are far too high to buy one using them. Vinylester resin is the more likely to be used in a modern marine composite associated with a quality. Sep 23, �� The rule of thumb with laying a resin impregnated product FRP over an old and damaged wooden boat is: first accept it will be only a prolonging of the inevitable. A 5 year extension at best. Remove as much of the rot as possible. It is not even necessary to remove the keel or the keels shoe if it is reasonably solid just dig out the rot. The fiberglass cloth used in fiberglassing a typical plywood boat must be compatible with epoxy resin. Although most cloths will work with epoxy, there are some that are not compatible. If in doubt, test the material using scrap wood, to insure that it cannot be pulled off. Fiberglass .

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